Dear readers and writers,

It’s our two year anniversary!  We hope you’ll read this short post in celebration. (For a blast from the past, check out last year’s summer transitional post).

When we started the post calvin, we weren’t exactly sure how it would turn out.  Now, with two years in the bag, we couldn’t be happier.

Thank yous: First, thank you readers.  We’ve been so pleased by the growth in readership this past year. While we didn’t start the post calvin to attain great fame or become the next staff writers for The New Yorker, we do love to see that our words are being read.  Thank you for clicking our bookmark (you have us bookmarked, right?) every few days and catching up.  Thank you for commenting when you like a piece, and thank you for occasionally reposting it on Facebook. (If you really want to do us a favor, repost. More than half of our readers come from social media!)

Second, thank you writers.  Reading your words each day makes us laugh and think and stand up and cheer.  You write sentences that make us go back and read again.  And it’s always reassuring to hear that there are other young adults stumbling through life, messing up, and getting inexplicably involved in embarrassing situations.  You’re never afraid to tell us about it. Thanks.

Stats: Here are our most-viewed posts from the past year. If you’re new to the post calvin, these would be a great place to start!

  1. You’re Okay (Katie VanZanen)
  2. Kramer, Mr. Kramer (Catherine Kramer)
  3. Quitting (Bart Tocci)
  4. Texting with David (Andrew Knot)
  5. Come Over and Sit (Gabe Gunnink)
  6. Restless (Will Montei)
  7. Homeless (Josh deLacy)
  8. Naked (Will Montei)
  9. I Am Failing (Josh deLacy)
  10. Doubt (Will Montei)

Looking back: We’re saying goodbye to several great contributors as we wrap up year two. Some of these folks have been with us since the beginning—that’s dedication. Amy AllenMatt and Laura HubersRob ZandstraGreg Kim, and Griffin Jackson will be moving on to other projects (travel, mission work, parenthood, and other exciting ventures).  Clicking on their names above will bring you to their author pages; take a moment to go back and read some of their words. These are good people, and we will miss them.

Looking forward: On the other side of the coin, we are adding a handful of new writers to our ranks.  We’ve heard guest posts from some of them, and we are excited to read more. Katerina ParsonsBen DeVries, Matt Medendorp, and Ryan Struyk are on board so far, and one more newbie will be joining soon. A warm welcome to them!

Here’s to another great year!  Thanks again for being a part of our community.

All the best,
the post calvin board (Josh deLacy, Will Montei, Debra Rienstra, and Abby Zwart)

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