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Admit It

At the risk of trivializing everything else, one of the things that scares me most about the president is his refusal to admit to tiny mistakes.

One Day We’ll Tell the Story

But one day we started to tell the story, and as we heard it coming from our mouths we knew it meant the story was behind us, and we had lived through it. 

Community Switching

Someday I think I’ll stay, and perhaps that will be the hardest choice of all.

Going Nowhere

When it is, in fact, your duty not to go anywhere, going to nowhere starts to look like going somewhere.

“Trying Experience,” 6 Letters –

It’s tempting, as the writer, to make a trite connection here to challenges I have previously risen to (a potentially boring speech about crossword puzzles).

Isolation Isogloss

If language has a glue, it’s social interaction.

Screwtape’s COVID-19 Dispatches

Screwtape’s COVID-19 Dispatches

by | Mar 21, 2020 | 0 comments

March 17
Your urgent missile of alarm last night was most unprofessional. 

The Resurrection of Things

The Resurrection of Things

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness clearly never bought a cozy cerulean sweater.

Love in the Time of COVID-19

Love in the Time of COVID-19

Will the sting of the adhesive ripping against our tender skin be an experience we can learn and grow from?

Grandma’s Bread

Grandma’s Bread

If terroir survives the conceptual transplant from grape-growing to bread-baking, then it’s no surprise that I’ve failed to replicate my grandma’s bread.

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