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An Argument for Driving through Flyover Country

I think you’ll come to appreciate the vibrancy of the human spirit that started living there because someone had to.

Stay Bold, Ponyboy

People go nuts over the fact that most people think they’re above average.

Here’s My Dirty Laundry

While I may have left the country a little more informed, I was mostly confused and overwhelmed about how to live life in a broken world with eight billion people who all needed food, clean water, shelter, education, and community.

Christianity at Present

Christianity did not remain relevant in the events of the world at large for two thousand years because of strict adherence to dogma.

Mirrors and Windows

Because literature really is the better part of life.

Religious Not Crazy

The musty smell of those stairwells matters to me in a way that the bare truth of Evangelical forms of craziness never could.



by | May 9, 2018

I don’t know a lot about war, but I know that you can’t jump into a battle if you are unprepared to finish. It’s the same with writing and working and everything that matter—if it matters, you finish.

Manly Tears

Manly Tears

I didn’t out and out start crying, but I teared up as I lifted her to my shoulder.  And I held her so close. And I had never been happier as a dad.

Your Dirty Computer

Your Dirty Computer

Dirty Computer is more than a sixty-minute summer sex jam: it’s a celebration, a “fuck you,” and a challenge.

Year Three

Year Three

Now we’re nearing the end of year three, and I’m happy to say that while we haven’t quite stopped having conflicts about the small things, we’ve at least stopped feeling ashamed about them.