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Plan B or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Special Fields Exam

An unexpected call, just before the exam starts. A worried glance down at a phone, a quick “excuse me.”

1 Corinthians 13, 2019

Love never cancels. But where there are conservative and progressive platforms, they will cease; where there are vigorous debates, they will be quieted; where there is a think piece, it will pass away.


I write because someone once said, “Only two jobs can speak for the dead: detectives and writers.”


When we cannot speak to God, cannot even say the barest “I love you,” we are carried.

Back to the Basics

Thirteen years later, I realize I made a bad trade. Mom, you were right. No one is surprised.


There’s more than meets the eye
Invisible to the naked eye
I can do that with my eyes closed

Unwarranted Parental Advice to Myself

Unwarranted Parental Advice to Myself

by | Oct 11, 2019 | 2 comments

You know what? Come to think of it, It’s OK if you don’t enjoy every moment. People are always saying that: “Enjoy EVERY moment!”

Flirtations with Hockey Fandom

Flirtations with Hockey Fandom

It’s a tricky balance, the nostalgia and passion of the past against these grim truths that have always existed.

Nounless Poetry: An Experiment

Nounless Poetry: An Experiment

Borges describes a fictional language that completely lacks nouns, and I tried to work out what this might mean in practice.

A Good Google is Hard to Find

A Good Google is Hard to Find

I’ve been trying to reframe my perspective by picturing the internet as an attic—one that is full to the brim with all the stuff you couldn’t bear to throw away.

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