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Christmas During the Time Being

The story has been told, but the rest of us are still here: waiting in the middle of the narrative, confronted with Herod’s uncomfortable realization: we aren’t enough.

Four Cheeses for You, Glen Cocoo: Semi-Definitive Ratings of Romantic Holiday Movies on Netflix

The scale runs from zero to five cheeses, with five cheeses reigning supreme for the lamest pick up lines and most predictable plots. Warning: contains spoilers.


What are your goals for the coming year? How can your manager support you in meeting these goals?


In a world where fame and infamy
are two sides of the same coin,
who gets to leave a legacy, anyway?

Stand for Something

One of the best critiques of our generation is that we are so busy deconstructing things, we stand for nothing.

This is 30

A lot of people talk about turning thirty like you’re turning dead.

Ending | Beginning

Ending | Beginning

by | Dec 8, 2017

My daughter will be here at the end of February.  I am a mix of emotions.

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

I am baffled as I listen to TV reporters and NPR correspondents struggle to reconcile their love for someone with the terrible things that person did. We all love people who have done horrible things.

The Uppermost Room

The Uppermost Room

The room was smaller than I expected, square with leaded glass windows and peeling paint, a water-stained chartreuse couch and scattered chairs.

Kitchen Lovely

Kitchen Lovely

It’s not the kitchen I imagined. In fact, it’s nowhere near the kitchen I imagined.
But there’s no place I’m happier in.