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A Theology of Quitting

Even within the church, it’s easy to feel shame for not “persevering.”

I’m a Minority with White Privilege

I feel stuck because I don’t feel like I have a valid voice to address either side of my racial and cultural heritage.

Liverpool, Champions of England

I didn’t expect to experience the amount of joy I felt.

Ten Incredibly Specific, Fake Phobias that I 100% Have

7. Egochristicolaphobia — The Fear of Being Associated with the Word “Christian”

Ten Astonishing Books by Black Writers

This is not an anti-racist reading list, per se.

Sleep Study

It’s a well-known, frequently observed phenomenon that Taylor sleeps more than I do.

My Ten Favorite Picture Books

My Ten Favorite Picture Books

by | Jun 23, 2020 | 1 comment

Since I started working with kids, I’ve also re-discovered a love of picture books.

Ten Anime I Enjoy

Ten Anime I Enjoy

Admit it. You wanted this.

Owned: Top Ten #CreepiestObjects in Museums

Owned: Top Ten #CreepiestObjects in Museums

And when we’ve seen, let’s allow the waters to rush in.

What Literature Has Taught Me

What Literature Has Taught Me

Anyone who tells me that The Hunger Games series is just another YA sci-fi romp will quickly find themselves on the receiving end of a literary argument so blistering they’ll think they were just stung by a swarm of tracker jackers.

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