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These rhythms meld, harmonize, bring forth anew.

Vampire Slayer, Test Taker

Even when there’s a murderer in the doorway, teenage problems are still problems.

To the Future, with Love

If our imagination is wild enough and our compassion strong enough to invent radioactive kittens that will protect future generations, what other innovations might we create?

Hallmark Christmas Movies Are Getting Me Through 2020

In Hallmark, my worst fears never wrote the ending.

Poison, Powersuits, and Blake Lively

If arsenic is a woman’s weapon—whether to kill others or to beautify oneself—Lively’s character embraces the poison.

Thanksgiving Prayer

For those who shout down ignorance even past the point of no return, who know we are less than two minutes from midnight and continue anyway.

Under the Influence of Saturn

Under the Influence of Saturn

by | Nov 24, 2020 | 2 comments

“According to Ptolemy, “Saturn will generally produce cold in the bowels, excessive phlegm, rheumatism, emaciation, sickliness, … [and/or] cough.” Seems about right. 

A Sterling Silver Ring

A Sterling Silver Ring

Maybe it’s an overindulgence in fantasy that makes all jewelry feel slightly magic. 



Eve is a bit like radium—taken from the father, who was taken from the earth. A byproduct. Twice derivative. 

Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine

Silicon is, I think, a good standard-bearer for the present, because it reminds us that the abstract and the concrete are always intertwined.

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