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Retroactive Curiosity

I think I had a couple of good English teachers early on, and I liked reading books, so I decided I must be an English person, and there you have it.

On Hope, Collapse, and Normalcy

But like a towering stack of nachos, hope and excitement can only be piled so high before everything comes tumbling down.

The Matriarch

I hope that, along with her name, I will always carry some reflection of her in me.

Always in Failure

Don’t look at me and see where I’m lacking.


I didn’t long for the suffering, but a part of me envied the certainty it seemed to produce.

Thank God I’m Funny: On Being Trans and Hilarious

At best, I’m mildly amusing. At worst, I’m lazy internet trash whose only claim to a comedy crown is stolen memes.

Uplifting 2020 Conversation Topics

Uplifting 2020 Conversation Topics

by | Sep 13, 2020 | 3 comments

The question “Do you have a TikTok?” definitely sparks an interesting conversation.

Choosing My Confessions

Choosing My Confessions

Perhaps confession has more to do with vulnerability and emergency than with orthodoxy and tradition.

I’ll Venmo You

I’ll Venmo You

$20 in a bank only means what it does because we’ve built institutions and systems to support and protect the idea that $20 means $20.

The Ballad of the Aeropress

The Ballad of the Aeropress

I asked the fair barista, “Sir,
Have you the stock I seek?”
“Alas,” said he, “our shelves are bare,
And will be for a week.”

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