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The Society of an Onion

Last week, I spent an hour and nineteen minutes with an onion. Inspired by Robert Capon’s twenty-two-page chapter on the theological implications of mindful onion contemplation, I came prepared for a reflective and mystical experience.

The Great Tassel Shaft

I want the noble purpose of an educator without having to put in the hours. I want to retain a teacher’s saintly glow without having to fight for the daily miracles.

Liner Notes with Tony, Part II: Generating Buzz for Ryn Weaver

If you ever hear me screaming “What if there’s more? What if there’s more?” I’m just singing along.

The 2018 NCAA Tournament: A Primer

Coming off a slow, ugly but eventually conclusive first-round victory over Montana, the Wolverines are riding a wave of 10-straight wins. May the streak run longer than their inseams.

Potato Salad Diaries (Volume II)

November 19, 2014
I blew strawberry gelatin mix out of my nose today.
I don’t want to talk about it.

The Purpose Driven Toddler: Seven Steps to a Righteous Rugrat

Locusts. They were good enough for John the Baptist; they are good enough for your toddler.

Speak Again

Speak Again

by | Mar 12, 2018

I still talk to myself. Big conversations I’ve rehearsed of late include a breakup, a car insurance claim, and a defense of “inappropriate” literature I’ve chosen for a class.

I Hope We Can Still Be Friends

I Hope We Can Still Be Friends

The main reason for the break up was something she called “bad timing.”

Portrait of a Recovering Alcoholic

Portrait of a Recovering Alcoholic

482 days.

Confessions of a Calorie Counter

Confessions of a Calorie Counter

You learn to love the foods that have nothing. Coffee. Mustard. Certain brands of hot sauce.