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“And then of course you wonder if taking your wife to this show as the right thing to do, or if maybe you would have been better off going to dinner and having a conversation, even a monologue, as I suppose this has become.”

Teach Us to Pray

Teach me the quiet virtue of janitors and night stockers. Of saints who wake and sleep and live—and that is enough.

Smell It While It’s Hot


The Shelf

ALCOTT: Oh gosh, well I’m just awfully glad that that we’re all here together. I do so wish we could all get along.

Kevin the Dog, Act 1

KEVIN stares at MATT with zero intention of voluntarily getting back in the crate. MATT gets small treat and tosses it in the crate. KEVIN obliges.

Of Mountains and Muses

“I’ve forgotten how to hold a prayer. If I ever really knew how… there are different ways of speaking to God, of hearing his voice.”

How to Lose Hope

How to Lose Hope

by | Oct 9, 2018

I told you to stop looking at the news.
I tried. I can’t. I keep going back. Why don’t they believe survivors?

A Borrowed Credo

A Borrowed Credo

“I do not think that I will ever reach a stage when I will say, ’This is what I believe. Finished.’ What I believe is alive … and open to growth.” (Madeleine L’Engle)

Parrot Talk

Parrot Talk

We speak to get outside of our own heads. I don’t think it particularly matters if you don’t always have an audience.

In Which My Sister and I Try to Talk About Things Other Than “Lost”

In Which My Sister and I Try to Talk About Things Other Than “Lost”

“I feel like I’m going to listen to this and it’s just going to be a bunch of my disgusting chewing noises.”