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“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are,” Dumbledore says, “far more than our abilities.”

You Have Always Been With Me: Musings from the Heart of an Enneagram 3

Enneagram 3, The Achiever: Adaptable, Excelling, Driven, and Image-Conscious.
Matt Cambridge, nice to meet you.

Winter Blessing

May you warm your body under thick blankets, your hands by radiators, your feet in old slippers.

Coming Out Ruined Christmas Eve

I remind myself that no one is watching me, probably. Nobody is passing judgement on Christmas Eve.

Sorry, Goodreads: Rethinking Reading Challenges

I’ve made a list of twenty authors—twelve who wrote after 1900 and eight from the centuries before—whose work I’m going to limit myself to.

I’m Passionate about the Bridges in Taylor Swift Breakup Songs

I recently tried to explain heartbreak to someone who has never had their heart broken. It didn’t go well.

Offerings and Exaltations

Offerings and Exaltations

by | Dec 6, 2018

Sadness is that way: temporal. Each encounter comes with a demand singular to the day of its arrival: here is a powerful feeling, attend to it, reconcile its nature with yours.

A Guide to Killing All of Your Plants, Maliciously, During the Christmas Season

A Guide to Killing All of Your Plants, Maliciously, During the Christmas Season

Notice one morning that your orchid is starting to look strained. Pick up the fallen petals. Water it, but know that this, like a leprous spot, is a sign of the beginning of the end, and that from now on, water will merely prolong the inevitable.

So Here’s A Recital

So Here’s A Recital

This song has always felt so dumb to me even before its Extreme Makeover Bieber Edition. It’s historical fanfiction undercut by that insufferable “pah rum pah pum pum.”

When We Made Mistakes… We Moved On

When We Made Mistakes… We Moved On

Why did she share her mistakes with us? Wasn’t she afraid how we might perceive her after learning about her mistakes?