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Song of Myself

dinner for two
at a blessedly quiet establishment
except the waiter is in training
and keeps bothering us

The Undeniable Charm of The Great British Baking Show

“Is it a reality show?” Well, technically, yes, I suppose.

Still Learning from Mister Rogers

The reason we try to change as people is because we all have the power to change the world.

Worth the Writing

Some jobs, some hobbies, some lives are worth the writing. I don’t find that mine are.

By Love Alone?

Way to show those probably-reprobate, semi-Pelagian Catholics, Mel! Sola freaking fide.

I Spent January with Yoga and the Enneagram

I did it because the studio was across the street and doing an incentive program where I got the next two months at a discount if I completed the challenge.



by | Feb 6, 2019

Do you have flu-like symptoms? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel just fine? If so, you might have mono! Who knows!

Facebook and the Recently Deceased

Facebook and the Recently Deceased

I am down one more link that could help me make sense of this family.

chill lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to

chill lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to

But maybe ironically, I’m rarely in the mood for my “favorite” albums: fixtures of music I champion as satisfying or well-crafted artistic achievements, blah blah blah. Beauty like that can sap a lot of energy.

Down with New Year’s Resolutions

Down with New Year’s Resolutions

Our lives simply don’t work as a checklist.