Essays 2013–2016

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After three years of publishing daily pieces online, the post calvin is proud to present the post calvin: selected essays 2013–2016. Editors Josh deLacy, Will Montei, Debra Rienstra, and Abby Zwart, along with suggestions from writers, chose pieces that represent the heart of soul of the post calvin.

the post is a daily online journal that features twenty-eight regular writers. Each writer is responsible for one day of the month, and the remaining two or three days are filled with guest writers. Three years in, the post has featured a total of ninety-eight writers—all Calvin alumni, and all under thirty.

This new anthology, featuring eighty-eight pieces arranged into fourteen sections, highlights both the diversity of topics covered on the blog as well as the common threads tying them all together. “I am a quilt of a person,” reads the epigraph to the first section (“Growing Pains.”) Indeed, each writer weaves a picture of themselves through their writing, describing new love or a new job, adventures with potato salad or with potty training. Part of what makes the post calvin unique is this range of writers who are willing and able to write beautifully about any number of topics. Observations about technology lie next to ones about nature, a movie review follows a story about sex.

It may seem from the outset that perhaps an alma mater and a similar age is all these writers have in common, but the real draw here is the connections perceptive readers will start to make. Be it Budapest or Kentucky, they all travel (“Departures”). Be it students or a congregation, they all teach (“Classroom 101” and “Nine to Five”). Be it depression or alcoholism, they all struggle (“Gray Matters”). Be it a tour guide or a teacher, they all know some incredible people (“Portrait Gallery”).

With meticulous book design by Josh deLacy and beautiful illustrations by Maria Smilde, the post calvin: selected essays 2013–2016 is a book that any lover of Calvin College, millennials, or good writing can be proud to have on their shelf.

Essays by

Alissa (Goudswaard) Anderson
Nard Choi
Josh deLacy Editor
Ben DeVries
Melissa (Haegert) Dykhuis
Amy (Allen) Frieson
David Greendonner
Gabe Gunnink
Lauren (Boersma) Harris
Mary Margaret Healy
Caroline Higgins
Laura (Bardolph) Hubers
Matt Hubers
Griffin Paul Jackson
Michael Kelly
Greg Kim
Andrew Knot
Catherine Kramer
Jenn Langefeld
Geneva Langeland
Sabrina Lee
Matt Medendorp
Rebekah (Williamson) Medendorp
Nick Meekhof
Paul Menn
Will Montei Editor
Stephen Mulder
Andrew Orlebeke
Katerina Parsons
Debra Rienstra
Ben Rietema
Jacob Schepers
Calah Schlabach
Elaine Schnabel
Maria Smilde Illustrator
Andrew Steiner
Libby Stille
Ryan Struyk
Sarah (Vandermolen) Sundt
Bethany Tap
Bart Tocci
Katie Van Zanen
Cassie Westrate
Robert Zandstra
Abby Zwart Editor
Brad Zwiers
the post calvin