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Star Wars Video Games

It’s kind of odd to think about, actually. In the original Star Wars movies, the rebel forces are outnumbered and scrappy. They don’t have much hope or much of a chance.


The sun has decided it is time to pay Brooklyn a visit. One Saturday, when I wake to chirping birds around 7 a.m., I decide to take myself to an exercise class.

Fool Me Once

But when I tell this to people, my writing hopes and dreams and thoughts, the first question they invariably ask is: “What do you write?”

Reading a Mystic

Benedictines read the psalms every day, and it’s through these outpourings of emotion that Norris finds a version of religion that resonates with her wordsmith identity

Surprise/Not Surprise

I sit there in the dark, in front of the cake and ice cream and prosecco, feeling like I’m doing something wrong, listening intently and wondering when I’ll be joined.

An Infinite Succession

It’s easy to make a choice to leave something that’s hard. But it’s difficult to actually start over—because the problems you tried to leave behind are not necessarily gone. They might be inside you.

How To Eat A Chicken

And then, when we had some friends over for a spaghetti and meatballs dinner party, I did it: I ate a meatball. And I didn’t die. And it tasted really, really good.

A Mild-Mannered Subversive

imperfection and yes, ickiness, are byproducts of exactly the system we are supporting: small farmers rather than industry giants, produce that flaunts its small-scale origins instead of hiding in plastic packages.

Hipster Glasses

It took me a while to realize that glasses could be a fashion statement. (Granted, it took me awhile to understand the concept that wearing an all-purple outfit wasn’t a fashion statement.)

Worth It

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to any change in its state of motion. Inertia is why my sister’s cat sometimes runs into my leg when he tries to scamper down our polished-hardwood hallway.

Stephanie in Haiti

I didn’t meet Stephanie in the same way I meet most people. I don’t know much about her. I know she went to school, where not all of the kids were able to. She was one of eight children.

It’s Just Basil

All was well for a couple of weeks. Pizzas were delicious. Eggs were delicious. Fresh herbs were right on my windowsill, and I was keeping them alive.

Beauty and the [ ____ ]

I’m intrigued by this idea of retelling the same story, wrestling with similar ideas over the course of time, not settling for a previously discovered answer.

Nervous Laughing

I laughed, my nervous response when I’m not sure of social protocol in a particular situation. My guard was up. My brain said, Who is this guy?

That Awkward Stage

All shall be well, said Julian of Norwich. Now that I’m growing up at last, somehow I’m starting to really think it will be.(Someone please smack me over the head with that paragraph the next time I start whining.)

Pizza Week

Somehow I have ended up eating pizza four times in the last six days. One of those was homemade with weird flour. It ended up shaped like a broccoli tree.

A Recipe from 2013

Begin a conversation with Person 2 about New Year’s Resolutions. (Optional: Person 2 snorts quietly.) Persist in having the conversation.


And she’s a whole lot better at waiting—or, at least, at proclaiming what she’s waiting for and what she expects. I try to drown out the world. She tries to make it see.

Standing Still

I have a confession: I love self-help books. It’s the subtitles that pull me in. Of course I want to let go of who I think I’m supposed to be and embrace who I am. I want to dare to live fully right where I am.

On Authorship

Even the fan mail we receive from young readers seems odd—I’ve never been interested in meeting or corresponding with the writers of books I love.

Making it Happen

I had been camping once in my life, the summer after graduating from high school. I went with a few friends and contributed by helping hold the tent up after it fell down.

Time and not enough of it

Those professors who warned us how hard it was to keep up post-college writing when no one is making you do it, possibly they made it quite clear that it was a choice. Even a responsibility.