Beelzepup: One Year Later

So here I now find myself, a year later, not with a record of instances—some long calendar of thresholds met and surpassed by Jes and me and Toph—but with the accretion of slow change.

Rediscovering Paul

Paul’s vision of goodness is, shockingly, based on subjective morality, another thing I have been told is unbiblical.

The Unlikely Sports Fan

As the game went into double-overtime (that’s a thing?), I was stress-eating a Pop-Tart when I finally realized I was being ridiculous.

Gourmet Makes

Claire makes Lucky Charms and it turns out cereal is extremely hard to make at home, which is maybe why General Mills can charge us $4 for a twelve-ounce box of air and sugar.

A Grief Other Than My Own

We cannot forget Rachel Held Evans, woman of valor, revolutionizer of faith, wife and mother, friend and mentor, writer and speaker and world-changer.