All I know about the donut scene in Champaign, Illinois, I owe to a man named Pete.

Chess Bots

The people I know with whom I’ve recently played chess are similarly much better than me. When we play, I view it more as a self-esteem boost for them than a real contest.

Solitude and I-80

And then—after all that hectic activity—all I had to do was drive. For five hours. On the same road. Beside a repeating pattern of corn and soybeans.

My Husband the Cop

Since I know it is theologically unsound to pray for my life to be comfortable, I find myself praying that Paul will be safe, promote justice, and stay out of the news.

Vivian Maier

She took photos because it was something she had to do, because creativity flowed out of her and became her way of life. Because she had something to say.