Note: may be modified by substituting ingredients.

Serves: two

Best made by: January 1, or thereabouts

Keeps until: December 31 of the same year

2 people who enjoy the arts
1 city with lots of arts
Some money
Some resolve


Person 1: Begin a conversation with Person 2 about New Year’s Resolutions. (Optional: Person 2 snorts quietly.) Persist in having the conversation. Decide you both would like to see more dance this year. Officially resolve to see more dance this year.

Months pass.

Person 1: Buy secret tickets for Person 2’s birthday (do a very good job keeping them secret) to an interactive staging of Macbeth in a cool venue that was once a hotel. Go to the hotel and spend three hours chasing actors up stairs and ducking through secret wardrobes and witnessing a ballroom dance scene that culminates in Christmas trees being inexplicably wheeled out onto the floor.

More months pass.

Person 2: Realize you have seen no dance this year.

Both: Feel sad and disappointed in yourselves and grow more disillusioned with the concept of New Year’s Resolutions.

Weeks pass.

Person 1: Be told by a friend that she saw the Nutcracker for free. Be like, “I want to see the Nutcracker for free!” Research Nutcrackers and buy cheapish tickets.

Both: Giddiness results. See Nutcracker.

Person 2: Ask Person 1 if perhaps the Macbeth experience could be considered dance. Person 1: Remember a weird strobe light dancing scene and the ballroom scene and think yes.

Both: Realize you have accidentally kept your Resolution. Awe and satisfaction result. Some sadness results as you realize you have kept it by only seeing two performances.

More resolve builds for next year.

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After graduating with an English degree, Amy (Allen) Frieson (’10) moved to New York City and spent several exhilarating years working in children’s book publishing. Now, she works as a career consultant and has much more time for writing, reading, wandering the city, cooking non-vegetarian meals (a new thing), dreaming about apartment renovations, and leading worship along with her husband at their NYC CRC.

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