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Not Another Bite

When I first moved to Honduras three years ago, I ate everything my host family ate: beans, eggs, cream, tortillas. Heavy, simple plates—bland, but satisfying. But then suddenly one day, months in, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Virginity: An Education

Chapter 8: Religious Studies II
“There is no such thing as a condom for the heart. Once you have had sex, you are never quite the same.”
-“Pure Again,” Focus on the Family

I Speak with an Accent

What if we heard all accents this way—not as a sign that English is not one’s first language, but as a sign that another language is?

First Drafts

My real fear is not that someone will think that I write poorly, but that people will think I write without having anything to say.

I Am Not the Funny One

It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor—with close friends and family I joke, laugh, and make others laugh. But there’s an unshakeable earnestness to it.

The Starfish Dilemma

Maybe—and this is hard to admit—I care more about the plight of The Poor than about individuals in poverty with names and faces, each with different dreams.

What Happens Next?

There is increasing political talk in the United States about deporting the migrants who are apprehended at our border or inside of it. There is very little talk about what happens next.

Moving Day

A fan. A spatula. Thirty soft-cover books. A pile of dresses. Yarn. A bottle of balsamic vinegar.

A Different Tongue

I had always prided myself on writing and speaking well, and suddenly I was handed different tools to use; they felt cumbersome and did not fit well in my hands.

I Believe in Hope

This hope beyond reason (though not against reason) is not held in monopoly by Christians, but it is central to Christianity.