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Songs for My Daughter

Songs that remind me of her, that bring me peace, that I hope will inspire her.

Cream Cheese and Bagels

And I walk with the man I am going to marry and my brother and Zachary who is basically my brother and we think about Ryan who was basically our brother.

Friendzone, USA

I see you, O Downcast Man, sitting in the passenger’s seat. Chances are, you’re wondering how you got here.

My Sisyphean Battle with the Snooze Button

Sisyphus may roll his stone, but I have my morning alarm.

Reading World News without Losing your Mind

Reading the news well and responding to it is not everything, but it is something—and so I won’t refuse.

Morning Pages

When I put pen to paper, there’s only room for one thought at a time. Every thought is on equal footing.

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

by | Mar 30, 2018

I don’t believe in a god anymore. This wasn’t without cost, and there was grief, naturally. But after grief comes normalcy. Also, humour.

Future Lust

Future Lust

Remember: you have more time to do the things you want to do than you might think.

Terrible, Wonderful Love

Terrible, Wonderful Love

Never had I been overcome with such a surge of euphoria accompanied by petrifying fear and grief.

Newer Normal

Newer Normal

The new tyranny of everything-at-once feels like a distant dystopia, and the sky looks a different color, and there’s another new, another normal.