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15 (Realistic) Vegetarian Meals

If you’re interested in cutting out meat, or at least eating less of it, here are five days of meat-free meals like the ones I eat—no fancy tools or Whole Foods necessary!

A Guide for Straight Men: How Not to be the Worst on Dating Apps

Please welcome today’s guest writer, Erin Haagsma. Erin Haagsma graduated from Calvin College in 2018 with a BA in Linguistics and minors in Spanish and philosophy. She lives in Washington, D.C. where she is a fellow at at Sojourners and lives in intentional community...

Not Enough

God doesn’t guarantee that we will find love or that someone will come along and want us as we are– broken and messy. God does promise to love us though.


Upon your return to the States, he dubs himself Mayoman, taking to the streets to deliver sweet slippery justice.

The Beast of Eden

People often inquire about others’ favorite books, but to ask about one’s most life-changing suggestion, with the intention of stimulating that ‘butterfly moment,’ well, that is a very intentional inquiry.

Katie and Brenna’s Not-So-Definitive, Entirely Anecdotal Guide to Online Dating

It is so hard, in the midst of it, to see online dating as anything other than a means to an end—but it became much more palatable for me once I began to understand it as a life stage in its own right.

Consumers’ Energy

Consumers’ Energy

by | Mar 24, 2019

Even digital art or an online article, infinitely reproducible and instantly transmissible, is not timeless nor placeless because it comes from a specific person to an audience.

Aristotle, the Buddha, and PB&J

Aristotle, the Buddha, and PB&J

Some days might call for an extra dab of peanut butter and others for rivers of jelly.

Fifteen Dresses

Fifteen Dresses

Now, in the grand scheme of things, does it actually matter that people know you wore the same dress (gasp!) TWICE in your life?

Technology for the Real World

Technology for the Real World

Technology really is a sticky wicket, or sticky widget I suppose, particularly if we are referring to classroom computers.