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Lend me Your Ears Part II: Podcasts

Oh, and the whole shebang is narrated by a mouse.

21 a Space Odyssey: A Few Non-Alcoholic Thoughts on Star Trek Among Other Things

There are things that should have changed my life, and then there are things that actually did.

The Diary of Millicent Bulstrode

I am a Slytherin. My Patronus is a cat. The reality sunk in like basilisk fangs: I am Millicent Bulstrode.

Imagining the End

What matters here instead is the implicit challenge, the casual middle finger, that the novel tosses off at the rest of the genre.

Other People’s Jokes

In college, my friend Lauren was describing the physical features that she found attractive about men. She said, “I don’t know, beards are really growing on me.”

18 Steps to Lemon Meringue Pie

14. Whip the egg whites until “stiff peaks form,” a description that—even after over ten years of making this recipe—you still can’t confidently identify.

Teaching Revolutionaries

Teaching Revolutionaries

by | Nov 14, 2018

“Mr. Montei, who is your favorite rapper?” asked one of my high school freshman students.

On Ketchup and Culture Shock

On Ketchup and Culture Shock

The ketchup consumption in my house has dramatically increased this fall.

A Recipe for Fame

A Recipe for Fame

And if you’ve ever been so unlucky as to be served a “modernized” version of green bean casserole that calls for shallots and haricots-verts and wild mushrooms… I’m sorry.

A Pre– and Post–Election Day Prayer

A Pre– and Post–Election Day Prayer

Thank you that this country is a democracy and that the universe is not.