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The House on Elizabeth Lane

Remember when Grandma, a model of self-restraint, shrieked so loudly you could hear her from across the lake?

The Coward’s Prayer

Kindle patience within when the spark of impulse bursts upon me.

The Pleasant Company of Strangers

Like most people around the world, I have not attended a live performance in months.

Salad Days

To be sure, I found several things that made me cringe. But I also found a lot of things to love.

When You Became a Toddler

You became a toddler during the pandemic.

Could be Louder, Could be Clearer

For years I had found my most vivid and intimate joy through sound.

Brainrot: Screenwriting as Literature

Brainrot: Screenwriting as Literature

by | Jul 6, 2020 | 1 comment

For the novel to improve, for ink-and-paper storytelling to stay relevant, for literature to tell today’s stories to today’s audience, it must learn from the work of screenwriters



And yet, even there, in that peaceful place, my brow furrowed with unrest. 

A Theology of Quitting

A Theology of Quitting

Even within the church, it’s easy to feel shame for not “persevering.”

I’m a Minority with White Privilege

I’m a Minority with White Privilege

I feel stuck because I don’t feel like I have a valid voice to address either side of my racial and cultural heritage.

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