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Personal (Ir)responsibility: An Anti-Resolution

I have flouted obligation, skirted duty, and ignored propriety. I have left things undone.

Holiday Small-Talk and Other Things we Survived in 2017

I’m doing great! Yes, still at the same job. Well! It’s going well. Honduras, yeah. Um, it’s in Central America? Down south?

New Year’s Eve (ft. the post calvin)

On this last day of the year, the post calvin would like to suggest some tunes for your New Year’s Eve festivities. Check out the Spotify playlist here, or just listen to the choice from your favorite writer.

Best of 2017: Editor Picks

Each of us have chosen a few favorite posts and a handful of honorable mentions. Read on to see what you might have missed this year on the post calvin!

Anticipation and Imagination

Shrouded in myth, internship was spoken of in the same way people talk about Voldemort: they act as if it’s taboo, but they all secretly love to spread their anxiety and feel a bit naughty.

Big Little Vulnerability

The show covers a lot of emotional and psychological ground, but in the midst of watching it through a second time, I’m struck by its representation of physical and emotional vulnerability.

What is “Net Neutrality”?

What is “Net Neutrality”?

by | Dec 24, 2017

To a large degree, the underlying argument of the Net Neutrality debate can be traced to the basic tenets of the two primary political party systems in the United States: Big Government vs. Small Government.

Hail Marys: Christmas Art History 101

Hail Marys: Christmas Art History 101

Why this part of the story? Why is this heavenly exchange, from a narrative full of divine meetings, such a favorite in western Christian art?

Ekphrasis | An Advent Reflection

Ekphrasis | An Advent Reflection

Perhaps answers come in the weight. Listen, lean in, linger. There is something here in this suspended scribble.

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde

This year, I’ve been in a kind of retrograde. I’m moving forward, but in some ways, it can appear like I’m moving backward.