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The Tell-Tale Figment of My Imagination

The eternal shades of nightly gloom, which had so recently entwined my soul like a noose, loosened their chokehold and seemed to float away, ethereal bonds dissipating like specks of dust caught in a sunbeam.

I Am Not Myself Tomorrow

Free-Spirit Emily: (Scrolling through Anthropologie’s still impossibly expensive “sale” category) Oh believe me, you can. Remember the computer we never updated? We had it for years.

Existential Check-Up

Now, if you’ll sit over here, I’m just going to take your anxiety. You’re going to feel some tightness. That’s normal. Okay?

Memento Reply All

Isn’t Kelsey on the party planning committee or whatever? I feel like she’s too much of a Try-Hard to pass up something like that. I hope she remembers I’m gluten free so I can eat something other than a fruit cup this year.

Wish It Was Sunday

“I think the water’s boiling, Jes.”
“Can you get that?”
“Caffeine or decaf?”

Passing Notes in Class

A while ago a few friends and I took a class that turned out to be much easier than expected. We spent most of the class time electronically messaging.

Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray

by | Oct 15, 2018

Teach me the quiet virtue of janitors and night stockers. Of saints who wake and sleep and live—and that is enough.

Smell It While It’s Hot

Smell It While It’s Hot


The Shelf

The Shelf

ALCOTT: Oh gosh, well I’m just awfully glad that that we’re all here together. I do so wish we could all get along.

Kevin the Dog, Act 1

Kevin the Dog, Act 1

KEVIN stares at MATT with zero intention of voluntarily getting back in the crate. MATT gets small treat and tosses it in the crate. KEVIN obliges.