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Let Your Yes Be OH YES!

There are a few things I thought about (as well as a few things I wish I had thought about) by the time I first had sex. Maybe a conversation about the real definition can start there.

To Be Intimate

Or to put it another way: what happens when marriage comes to be defined by the promise of sex?

Learning to Speak

Weekly we repeated the words. Gender is not the same as sex.

How the Church Talks

And you know what happens next? An adulterous Samaritan woman becomes history’s first recorded evangelist. Church, can we talk about that?


I think there is a divine vision at the root of “purity” that remains a potent challenge today: that apart from oneself, on the other end of every sexual encounter is another self equally as mysterious and indefinable as existence.

Terrified of the One-Eyed Snake

Peak Allison Janney right here, but with numerous parental triggers: “engorged,” “testicle retrieval,” “heinous bitch,” and of course, “Reginald’s quivering member.”

God’s Orgasm

God’s Orgasm

by | Jun 11, 2018

Why do we expect God to be sexually pure? As a woman, it’s fun to realize God and I have that in common.

If God is Love

If God is Love

Your body is not your enemy. And if you think it is, then treat it like an enemy: love it. Do good to it. Bless it. Pray for it.

A Christian Teenager’s Guide to Resisting Temptation

A Christian Teenager’s Guide to Resisting Temptation

To the Church’s credit, I did not have premarital sex as a teenager. But there was also a lot of damage done.

A Letter to My Daughter (Should I Have One)

A Letter to My Daughter (Should I Have One)

Wear your womanhood however you prefer. Wear it as a low-cut tank top and your short-shorts in the park, drinking lemonade.