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Three-Alarm Fire

The street is lined in red light
and girls with cats in cages.
Stand outside in the frigid, January air.

Leaving Home in Search of Home

Most people say that I shouldn’t let anything hold me back from doing great things. But I don’t have much desire to do great things. What are great things without the small things?

First Light

Crowds of people stand with their backs to the colors, their eyes on their phones or on the train tracks. “Turn around!” I want to say, “You’re missing it.”

Blue Monday (A Tribute to Tom Petty)

For a moment, I wondered if I should be embarrassed. Then I remembered that loving Tom Petty is not embarrassing.

Summer in the City

And if Regina Spektor happens to be giving a concert in Central Park on that particular Wednesday, who’s to say I have to move my painstakingly planned picnic?

Once Crossing The Hudson

The next day is exactly like the first. 
We don’t check the news. 
Phones die on the picnic table while we swim.

Stacks on Stacks

Stacks on Stacks

by | Jul 13, 2017

According to Google, there are twelve independent bookstores in upper Manhattan, the section of the city I call home.

Leave Your Comfort Zone: Equinox Edition

Leave Your Comfort Zone: Equinox Edition

After I signed a waiver that confirmed I wouldn’t sue Equinox if I died on the treadmill or passed out because I saw Blake Lively, we entered the immaculate studio.

Missing Mr. Feeny

Missing Mr. Feeny

It felt like I was coming face to face with someone I’ve known my whole life: a trusted confidant, a wise neighbor and teacher and principal and professor.

A Love Letter to my English Major

A Love Letter to my English Major

I wonder, sometimes, if you feel forgotten. After all, I did not become an English professor, as I once thought I might.