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Our Actual Lives

Even if all I managed was driving to the patrol room and re-stocking my pack, I wasn’t going home to the couch.

Stacking Stones

With each stone I added, I thought of the people, places, and experiences that make me who I am

(N)itrogen (N)erd

Being a terrifying nitrogen nerd is one of my brother’s very few failings, and in this case it turned out to be a great help. 


I used to finish races like that so sweaty and happy and exhilarated that I didn’t need any rum to feel like the queen of the world.

Toll Road Home

There are several “worst parts” about driving across the country.

Roads: Untaken, Taken

But I will often retrace the roads and words I’ve taken and exhale, exultant.

Seven Years

Seven Years

by | Jul 7, 2020 | 2 comments

Seven years later, I am now in Grand Rapids again, which is a kind of beautiful, full-circle moment.

On Being a Good Tenant

On Being a Good Tenant

I care a lot about things like that. I want people to remember good things about me.

My Best Friend Lives in New York

My Best Friend Lives in New York

But I will say that—for me—being confined to my home has sometimes felt liberating in a small and quiet way.

The Assumption

The Assumption

I didn’t tell her we are planning on leaving too,
and I won’t get to say goodbye.

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