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A Report from Nerd Camp

This workshop is tuition-free, assignment-free, and pretty stress-free, but soon I’ll be back at my own school, and the cloud of duties will descend.

The Positively Phototactic Beetles of East Hampton

They must have died eventually, the ones that we didn’t scoop out. 

Disappointment, Victory, and Not Telling Mom

What I learned on this year’s Dover was how to sit in the disappointment with friends and then to race around joyfully on borrowed red bicycles.

My Brother in Bushwick

But what Andrew likes best about his new place are the bookstores in the neighborhood.

Ship’s Log

The waves will wave again and the wind will call my name. What good hope that is.

Frankie works at Franklin Park on Franklin Avenue

That’s the thing about Frankie—he pours the glasses to the brim.

Before, Ninth, After

Before, Ninth, After

by | Oct 7, 2018 | 0 comments

“As long as you end up married, it was a success.”

Queso Heart

Queso Heart

I don’t write about Steve that much on this blog because it’s cheesy and annoying and also I know that love isn’t just the cheesy stuff.

An Ode to Trader Joe’s

An Ode to Trader Joe’s

You’ll know you’re getting close to the cashiers when someone tells you to go to the yellow cheese, the red pepper or the green grapes.

Chinese Takeout

Chinese Takeout

In that apartment, we started with four and ended with two because Eliza got married which is a good thing and we love her wife but it’s still kind of sad because we love her too, you know?

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