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Frankie works at Franklin Park on Franklin Avenue

That’s the thing about Frankie—he pours the glasses to the brim.

Before, Ninth, After

“As long as you end up married, it was a success.”

Queso Heart

I don’t write about Steve that much on this blog because it’s cheesy and annoying and also I know that love isn’t just the cheesy stuff.

An Ode to Trader Joe’s

You’ll know you’re getting close to the cashiers when someone tells you to go to the yellow cheese, the red pepper or the green grapes.

Chinese Takeout

In that apartment, we started with four and ended with two because Eliza got married which is a good thing and we love her wife but it’s still kind of sad because we love her too, you know?

Regina George is Not Stupid: And Other Thoughts on the Mean Girls Musical

In the movie, a skipping CD results in a boom box getting kicked in someone’s face. In the Broadway production, the song stops because of a wardrobe-malfunction-turned-social-media-scandal.

Spring in Brooklyn (for the Twentysomethings)

Spring in Brooklyn (for the Twentysomethings)

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We believe in the solstice spirit
the holy Prospect Park
the fellowship of friends
the prayers of all people
the rotation of the earth
and the light everlasting.

Three-Alarm Fire

Three-Alarm Fire

The street is lined in red light
and girls with cats in cages.
Stand outside in the frigid, January air.

Leaving Home in Search of Home

Leaving Home in Search of Home

Most people say that I shouldn’t let anything hold me back from doing great things. But I don’t have much desire to do great things. What are great things without the small things?

First Light

First Light

Crowds of people stand with their backs to the colors, their eyes on their phones or on the train tracks. “Turn around!” I want to say, “You’re missing it.”

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