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Harvesting Honourably

We recall which unassuming shrubs pop with bright yellow blossoms, which trees are ornamental cherries and apples, how far the elderberry near the chicken coop has spread.


But there’s something hopeful about preparing soil in October and November for late-fall planting, measuring the spacing, carving divots, and pushing the individual cloves a few inches under the soil, and waiting.

Summer Newsletter

I have become painfully aware that ten years training as a dancer and one season of high school cross country did not prepare me for team sports.

Death & Taxes

I can’t help but feel that this is the year that something is going to go horribly wrong and the IRS will come after me—or worse, secretly owe me money that the return didn’t catch.

Amperland, NY

Viewers are treated to close-ups of dripping jam & sizzling onions, as well as an interlude in which the two protagonists play a comical game of badminton.

“Hey, You”

Unlike computer interfaces, however, life has yet to present me with a box I can check that says “Do not ask me again.”

I Voted for Quiet Music

We are perched side by side on an upper landing in this barn, floating in the resonant space of music we have never heard so close, have never heard unmediated, have never heard in four-part harmony.


We returned home in the early evening of that fateful September Saturday reeking, having taste-tested garlic knots, garlic fudge, garlic mustards and dips, cheeses and cheese curds, nuts and nut butters, vinegars, pickles, and hot sauces.


Despite our best efforts, however, okra gets overly large and woody, tomatoes drop to the ground and burst, lettuce bolts, and basil goes to seed.

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