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This Year According to the Notes App on my Phone

Here, lightly edited, are a year of the mundane and serious and baffling things I felt the need to save.

Unpacking the Attic: Home in Eight Vignettes

Technically my third home, but my memories begin here.

To the Future Residents of Apartment 508

Looking around the space, a constellation of memories appear.

Overheard in Fremont

The men greeted one group member by erupting “Herman the German!” when he walked in the door.

Jesus and John Piper: The Radicalization of a Research Assistant

For those of us who have never been on the blunt end of sexism (or racism, or ableism, etc.), things can look funny or tragic or intriguingly disgusting when they are actually evil.

Seven Years

Seven years later, I am now in Grand Rapids again, which is a kind of beautiful, full-circle moment.



by | Jul 5, 2020 | 2 comments

The house is, by nature, transient.

An Inheritance of Names, Power, and Fabric

An Inheritance of Names, Power, and Fabric

But now, in the morning as I dress, I am enthralled by all the stories I carry on me and within me.

Seasonal Attention

Seasonal Attention

Under the Madison Street bridge, the tree that grows sideways suddenly popped flowers that smelled like corn tortillas.

Place-starved and Home-lonely

Place-starved and Home-lonely

I am from this place as much as I am from anywhere, and it’s this recognition that helps me know that I can feel this way again.

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