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The Memory of a Screen

It is forever in the way that every teenager screenshots a text message to send to a friend in disbelief, in the way that grandmothers download pictures off of Facebook and print them out.

To London, with Love

You reached your hand out of the ocean of people, standing stock-still in the middle of an intersection while the masses swarmed around you, and I took it. 

The New York Thruway

The GPS says three hundred miles to the next turn, and the only thing you can do is pop on the next episode of Serial, mentally prepare yourself for the amount of tolls you are going to E-ZPass through, and settle in.

Weird and Awkward and Wonderful

For company, I had my two siblings and other high schoolers from my church with whom I hadn’t exchanged more than a passing word for years due to my aversion to youth group. The food was delicious; the time passed like molasses.

Where We Will Land

I never thought I would entrench myself deep enough anywhere to forge friendships with people who I don’t want to know my real name or face and whose lives I only have the slightest inkling of.

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