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Beyond a Vessel

Doesn’t it seem odd that a story of a woman challenging Jesus is told as an example of her humbleness rather than her courage?

Bringer of Light

Honestly, I have a plethora of metaphors to explore already: Satan can seem to bring light to the world but that isn’t the true light! Exposing things to the daylight makes them less dangerous! Capitalism makes people operate in a scarcity model which hinders progress!

The Eye of the Whale

I began to cry at my kitchen table because despite all the bad calls I have made in the heat of the moment and the angry kids and my disappointment in myself and my frustration at the brokenness of an education system that underserves the students who need the support the most, I saw again that there was someone out there who was rooting for me.

E is for Erasure

I began to evaluate and push back and question. How much was I erased as a student? Where did my own beliefs lie dormant as I absorbed others’ words?

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