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Naïve Observations and Questionable Qualifications

I can make completely brilliant points, crack absolutely hilarious jokes, and ask ridiculously insightful questions and get absolutely no response from my students. What’s up with that?

Preventing Snow Faux Pas


Unpacking the Bookshelf

Each title is an era trapped in amber, a fossil record of a former self.

Tallow Lights

On this aðfangadagskvöld, it’s my duty to tell you specifically about the final Yule Lad, who arrives tonight. His name is Kertasníkir, and if you know Icelandic, you’re clutching your candles.

Don René

He did not use grand showmanship or elaborate displays. He used simple, humble, everyday love.

Confessions of a Season Purist

I’ll admit it’s more of a mindset than a meteorological observation, but if you’re a winter-hater, might it be better in the long run to hang on to fall as long as you can?



by | Nov 10, 2018

So Happy Birthday, Kendahl, and cheers to twenty-nine. This year is going to be the best one yet.

Sacred Spaces: Some Distinctly Un-data-driven Conclusions

Sacred Spaces: Some Distinctly Un-data-driven Conclusions

Seeing chipped stained glass and other signs of disrepair was dismaying, but it also renewed my appreciation of how church architecture brings grandeur into public space.



Then MOses set OUT with JOSHua his AIDE. And MOses went UP the MOUNtain of GOD.

What I Think About When I Camp Alone

What I Think About When I Camp Alone

That’s one thing that sucks about winter camping. There’s nothing to do after it gets dark, except drink beer and stare at the fire.