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Mailbag from Myself

No one has any idea what to do, and we’re all trying to use what we’ve got to make things work.   

Snail Saga, Pt. 2: Cohabitating with Tiny Corpses

When confronted with a dozen or so unexpected snails, one faces questions of moral principle one never thought one would.


The first time I saw her, I was sitting on Cotter’s lap—he had been my best friend for probably six years at that point—at a meeting I crashed after coming home early from France.

Peacocks in the Neighborhood

“There are peacocks in Creston?!??”

Cerulean Waves

I run down the dune to be closer to the water and it feels like I’m flying. I don’t think about climbing back up. 

Snail Saga, Pt. 1: Carl Sagan the Ukrainian Mail-Order Snail had assured me: “There is no smell in the place where snails live in.”

Little Women, Bieber, and Thou

Little Women, Bieber, and Thou

by | Jan 5, 2020 | 3 comments

As Smith, Buber, and Gerwig remind me, we cannot be fully actualized people to everyone we meet

The Same, The Truth

The Same, The Truth

We tell the stories as we want to know them, withholding the details that would round them into truth.

To All the Twenties I’ve Been Before 

To All the Twenties I’ve Been Before 

Dear twenty-seven-year-old Caroline,
Quit your job.

Frozen, Again

Frozen, Again

Like so many great dynasties before it, Disney’s empire is built on a chorus of tiny voices.

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