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Little Women, Bieber, and Thou

As Smith, Buber, and Gerwig remind me, we cannot be fully actualized people to everyone we meet

The Same, The Truth

We tell the stories as we want to know them, withholding the details that would round them into truth.

To All the Twenties I’ve Been Before 

Dear twenty-seven-year-old Caroline,
Quit your job.

Frozen, Again

Like so many great dynasties before it, Disney’s empire is built on a chorus of tiny voices.

On the Way

Days like these, I can’t follow a podcast, and music sounds too loud, the tempo much faster than I remembered, the lyrics and storytelling much less compelling.

Pros and Cons

That’s a heavy con for Madison (Pros: Government job benefits, Roommate Night with my best friends, a church that has become home, cheese).

Life After the Second Year

Life After the Second Year

by | Nov 11, 2019 | 2 comments

What if we chose to invest like we’ll be here for ten years or more, and that investment became a reality?

This Is America

This Is America

Just the smile of someone who is in on the secret.

The Orchestra of Evolution

The Orchestra of Evolution

The first thing you should know about cranes is that they don’t like to be ignored.



One of the things about moving around a lot is that people start to ask you, “Does it feel like home?”

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