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Life After the Second Year

What if we chose to invest like we’ll be here for ten years or more, and that investment became a reality?

This Is America

Just the smile of someone who is in on the secret.

The Orchestra of Evolution

The first thing you should know about cranes is that they don’t like to be ignored.


One of the things about moving around a lot is that people start to ask you, “Does it feel like home?”


You didn’t have to know Bennington’s pain first hand to understand a Linkin Park song.

X is for X

X is for kisses. X is for porn. X is your signature and where you sign.

S is for Slytherin

S is for Slytherin

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Ambition requires imagination, but it is not satisfied with daydreams.

B is for Beach

B is for Beach

I can never remember summer in the midst of a polar vortex, but I’m comforted and chastised that it comes.

Open Doors

Open Doors

I’ve had people rip up my fliers, call the cops on me, and even fling dog shit at me.

Michigan Gods

Michigan Gods

I’m not scared of the gods that inhabit these places per se; I’m just wary of the humans who built them.

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