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A Name is a Name is a Name (?)

I’ve found that the mundanities of teaching quickly and quietly bleed a name of its import.

Consider Your Houseplants

At first, the concept of intelligent plants seemed a little far-fetched, or, rather, whimsical, a kind of wishful thinking that envisioned a magical world, rather Tolkein-esque.


As the semesters and years roll along, my library—my store of knowledge—becomes more and more unread, and, in a similar way, the more I learn, the more I realize how little I actually know.

The Real Thing

The Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, however, is different. There’s a ritual to entering this cold, dry, protected space. Before going in, you have to lock up your backpack, purse, coat, pens, snacks, water bottle, binders, and folders.

Big Ten 101: Elementary Football

So, a few weeks ago, while I was reading Shakespeare, my friend prepared a twenty-slide Powerpoint presentation on the basics of this facet of American culture about which I am completely illiterate.

Obituary for Big Blue

Affectionately known as “Big Blue” and “The Behemoth” to those who knew her best, the Savana was celebrated by nearly all who came into contact with her.

How to Wait for a Train

How to Wait for a Train

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But letting go of all those demands emptied me out, and the process of refilling with the right things—that’s what’s taking so much time.

How to Go, and How to Stay

I lived in a little southern Illinois town with my nose pressed against a window. I hated second grade, with its D’Nealian script, phonics dittos, and dodgeball.

I Must’ve Skipped a Step

I Must’ve Skipped a Step

Did I miss something when I grew up? Was there some native knowledge dancing on the polleny wind that somehow blew past me (because I was inside with a stack of library books)?

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