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Sex: A Reading List

Nagoski takes a thoroughly researched, science-based approach to dispel myths about female sexuality and to explain how the body and mind are inextricable in all things to do with relationships.

Combination Skateboard and Taco Bell 

I think sometimes being a runner has trained me too well to use that overrule, to endure whatever path lies before me, to be patient to a fault—to stay the course when the course is going to kill me.

Settling for Less

We can understand being present by distinguishing between two types of activities we engage in on a day-to-day basis: telic and atelic activities.

Proving Sylvia Plath Wrong

I left that professor’s office thinking: I am the kind of person who has the potential to do anything but the proclivity to do nothing. I am the kind of person who is paralyzed by choice, instead of empowered by it.


I have never been so closely scrutinized for every word that comes out of my mouth as I have been this summer, nannying for a family with three children ages seven, eleven, and twelve.

Pentecostal Weather

Throughout the service, the wind seemed to heighten our attention rather than scatter it; there could be no looking away from God that day.