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This Land Is My Land

Two weeks ago, I revisited the City of Magnificent Intentions.

Cellos and Controversy

imagine my dismay when I discovered on Monday that The Piano Guys, one of my favorite musical groups, had accepted Trump’s toxic invitation.

The Late Twenties

Self-exploration and discovery don’t stop at the end of the twenties or upon graduation or after getting married or ever.

PunchTrump Love

I don’t know about Saudi Arabia. I’m not rich, either. I don’t lead an empire. I don’t have Kurt Cobain’s talent or Robin Williams’ fame or Donald Trump’s confidence. I’m just another guy. Another unexceptional guy. Every morning I shower with second-guesses. I brush my teeth with self-doubt. Half of my personality comes from insecurity. Maybe more. I’m not sure.

How To Move To A New City In 7 (Not-So-Easy) Steps

Mumbling “what have I done” to myself in my closet-sized Queens apartment with my suitcase only half-unpacked on the floor is not exactly my proudest life moment.

A Toast to Hope

I thought of Cairo, of the refugee kids I met, the illiterate mothers, the desperately poor. And I stopped her to ask earnestly, “Where do you find hope?”

Sitting In the Aisle

Sitting In the Aisle

by | Dec 6, 2014 | 0 comments

You don’t talk to people on the Metro. You don’t talk to coworkers, you don’t talk to friends, and you especially don’t talk to strangers. Talking is the mark of the tourist.


I’m not sure what the secret is to knowing you’re in the right place or on the right track. I’m not sure there is one. The song helps to remind me that it’s okay not to know exactly what I want yet.



I was always driven by the idea of the adventure and seeing new and unique places—after all, Carmen Sandiego wasn’t going to find herself—and sought out all opportunities I could find.

On Curiosity

I’m realizing that curiosity, like goodness and faithfulness, is a virtue. Blessed are the curious, for they will inherit the wonders around them.

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