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Rules of Engagement

There are many white people in Grand Rapids, and gossiping about dog breeds is, I guess, what we do.

Prepare for Re-entry

The third time in a short conversation that I heard myself saying, “Well, in Honduras…” I stopped myself. I didn’t mean to be a bore; I simply didn’t have other experiences to draw from.

A is for After

After I have been 
Back in the United States for a few weeks, I find myself
Crying at the strangest things.

Quarter-life Confessions

21. Sometimes my life seems to spark like a live wire, and I feel intoxicated by its opportunity and potential.

A Metro to the Moon

As the train and your pulse both speed up, something happens. In the middle of a step, between the time when your back foot leaves the ground and lands in front of the other, you seem to be weightless.

“Why Did You Wait?”

Of all the regressive, fear-mongering, cynical, hateful, and unethical positions to which the Republican party has hitched its wagon, the vilification of refugees and immigrants is among the most loathsome.

I Sing the Body Collective

I Sing the Body Collective

by | Jun 6, 2017 | 0 comments

At some level, isn’t that what individualism is all about? Being the hero. Saving the day. Who watches Han Solo blow up TIE fighters, and then decides he’d rather be the air traffic controller who directs X-wings to Yavin IV?

Sidewalk Buskers

Sidewalk Buskers

We’re nodding our heads, ready to keep walking, and then he opens his mouth to sing.

This Land Is My Land

This Land Is My Land

Two weeks ago, I revisited the City of Magnificent Intentions.

Cellos and Controversy

Cellos and Controversy

imagine my dismay when I discovered on Monday that The Piano Guys, one of my favorite musical groups, had accepted Trump’s toxic invitation.

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