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The Surreality of Living Through History

Surreality would posit that this riot is just another unbelievably strange moment in a series of unbelievably strange moments

Diploma Privilege for All

But at least I know if an acceptance mailed to an offeror is binding even if the offeror has already sent a revocation that the offeree hasn’t yet received (it is)!

John Lewis: My Founding Father

But what most makes John Lewis one of my founding fathers is his lifelong rootedness in love.

This Year According to the Notes App on my Phone

Here, lightly edited, are a year of the mundane and serious and baffling things I felt the need to save.

Place-starved and Home-lonely

I am from this place as much as I am from anywhere, and it’s this recognition that helps me know that I can feel this way again.

The District Sleeps Alone Again

It’s been almost a month since I hopped on the 92 bus and sat next to my soccer teammate on the way to our game, both of us taking turns to explain why we’re running late this time.

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

by | Oct 24, 2019 | 1 comment

There are many white people in Grand Rapids, and gossiping about dog breeds is, I guess, what we do.

Prepare for Re-entry

Prepare for Re-entry

The third time in a short conversation that I heard myself saying, “Well, in Honduras…” I stopped myself. I didn’t mean to be a bore; I simply didn’t have other experiences to draw from.

A is for After

A is for After

After I have been 
Back in the United States for a few weeks, I find myself
Crying at the strangest things.

Quarter-life Confessions

Quarter-life Confessions

21. Sometimes my life seems to spark like a live wire, and I feel intoxicated by its opportunity and potential.

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