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For mid-November,
Surprisingly good weather:
Sunny and 55.

Red leaves have fallen;
Oranges and yellows stay—
Pumpkins amid squash.

Three friends in the woods—
Not a crowd, but company.
The words come easy.

We’ve known each other
since high school. A decade. What?
Cue existential crisis.

Adventure club taught
us all we needed to know—

Remember when? Yeah!
The boulder almost hit her.
Lucky, looking back.

So many hikers!
Everyone got the memo—
Forest rendezvous.

Up and down, up and
down; watch out for the washout!
Climb up above it.

Tent, poles, and rain tarp.
Who’s got the Aquamira?
Campfire ramen—yum!

Standing over the
campfire, heads tilted back:
pinpricks of sky fire.

A misty morning;
later, hiking in short sleeves.
Fall’s final hurrah.

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