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Jesus and John Piper: The Radicalization of a Research Assistant

For those of us who have never been on the blunt end of sexism (or racism, or ableism, etc.), things can look funny or tragic or intriguingly disgusting when they are actually evil.

Cerulean Waves

I run down the dune to be closer to the water and it feels like I’m flying. I don’t think about climbing back up. 


Then MOses set OUT with JOSHua his AIDE. And MOses went UP the MOUNtain of GOD.

A Toast to “Things”

Here’s to people and their things. Here’s to not liking sports and to nose piercings, to back tattoos and bro tanks, to longboards, to reading the newspaper each morning with a cup of coffee.

On Being In Between

Or maybe, there’s liberation to being in limbo—for a brief time, I’m nowhere. I’m placeless. I’m just part of the mass of humanity that’s moving from one space to another and back again.

This, Too

But the sun comes out and doughnuts exist and there’s a one-eyed cat who likes to roam the school grounds and often visits my window. This happens, too.

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

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The dancers separate into groups of eight and begin the dance. There’s nothing quite like the sound of hundreds of wooden shoes clomping along the asphalt in rhythm. Or the semblance of rhythm.

Inevitable! Magical! Genius!

Inevitable! Magical! Genius!

There’s a large chance that right now I’m making something out of that goal and that moment that wasn’t there. It’s just a game, you’ll say, and you’re right.

A Fire Devours Before Him

A Fire Devours Before Him

It started out as a family errand: Ahmed Haithem Ahmed was driving his mother, Mohassin, to pick up his father from the hospital where he worked.

The Idea and The Reality

The Idea and The Reality

On June 3, 2013, Jared Scripture moved in with us. Two things you might ask: 1) Is his last name really Scripture? 2) Who is “us”?

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