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Legacy America

I remember thinking, with all the considerable certainty that a fifteen-year-old can muster, that if this doesn’t change us, nothing will.

Spoil Me

Kay throws out dramatic, world-altering twists as easily as your ex-roommate spoils the new Spiderman on Twitter.

Everybody Loves WWII

It might seem strange to describe a global event that cost some eighty-five million people their lives with the same adjective that Kohl’s uses to describe underwear.

Merry Bloody Christmas

Much of my problem with Mary stems from my own somewhat-fraught relationship with my reproductive system, which is to say that I hate it and wish that it didn’t exist.

November 9, 2016

The professor in charge of my primary tutorial would, in what conservative pundits would later call “a total snowflake move,” offer to move back the due date on that week’s essay.

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