Brad Zwiers

Brad Zwiers (’12) graduated from Calvin College in 2012 and Western Theological Seminary in 2015. He will not be graduating from any more schools. He often stares at books he wishes he could read but knows he will not finish and goes for long walks with his wife, Gwyn. Sometimes he plays basketball and always he follows the greatest sporting club in the world, Liverpool F.C.

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A Moment of Silence

There are moments when silence is not the absence of sound. Instead, in those moments, silence is the space, the stillness, where the sound is heard.

In Life and in Death

A hot and electric pulse coursed through my body, like the shock you receive from an exposed wire, only longer-lasting, and warmer.

A Thin Place

I sank my water bottle into nature’s LaCroix, took a sip, offered some to Gwyn.

Hole Intimacy

We’re made to want things, to feel a deep burning ache, to pine. It’s innate to being human. We long for intimacy and connection, for a place and a people where we find peace.

Mining the Abyss

When it came time for “Floating in the Forth,” the sold-out crowd sang along with Scott: “I think I’ll save suicide for another year!” I fought back tears.

A Toast to “Things”

Here’s to people and their things. Here’s to not liking sports and to nose piercings, to back tattoos and bro tanks, to longboards, to reading the newspaper each morning with a cup of coffee.

Newer Normal

The new tyranny of everything-at-once feels like a distant dystopia, and the sky looks a different color, and there’s another new, another normal.


We drove home and argued. Why was I so angry? About something so small? It’s not about that; it’s about the fact that I feel useless and nothing seems to be going the way it was supposed to go.

A Small Sound

An eerie fear creeps in, the kind that grows in stature the longer you don’t know where a sound is coming from. The longer you don’t know.

Big Little Vulnerability

The show covers a lot of emotional and psychological ground, but in the midst of watching it through a second time, I’m struck by its representation of physical and emotional vulnerability.

No Strings Attached

The concert was that night (THAT NIGHT!), so I ran upstairs to change. I hoped to find something trendy, something that would let everyone at the concert know that this nine-year-old could ball.

In Search Of Our DNA

The rupture between God and humanity is crystal clear in this one, and as the play careened toward its tragic ending, no one in the theatre was surprised.

Perils of a Bargain

The moral of this parable? Never buy a computer. They never should have been invented. Never buy a computer on a bargain because bargains are a lie. Everyone in the sales world is out to rip you off.

Mask Off

In an era of self-exploration, it becomes extremely difficult to identify who or what my self is, since it takes on so many shapes depending on who I’m with or where we are or both.

Wicked or Weakness

I don’t know. Two albums that have ripped my heart open, made me cry, left me at a loss for words. I think that’s transcendent.

Into the Light

Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, my mind goes to empty and distant places.

A Whole New World

In a way, Arrival occupies a new world, too. Because while the film is interested in its aliens from outer space, it also asks us questions about aliens in the biblical sense. Strangers. Outsiders.

Borrowed Words

I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. These were borrowed words and they were not mine.

The People We Love

Do you realize how difficult it is to look someone you love in the eyes and tell them what they mean to you?

A Metal History

Metalcore, death metal, melodic death metal, black metal, djent, speed metal, thrash metal, hair metal, nu-metal, doom metal, grind, hardcore, post-hardcore, southern metal, sludge metal…

Bread and Circuses

I do feel cynical toward the political system. I am disgusted by people spouting hate at one another. I am sick of all the shouting. I do have a headache.


It’s all part of the character, that character we’ve all met at some point or another: so-called professionals who are no good at what they claim to be at, like a magician who can’t hide a card.