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Fear, Formula, and Getting Better

It’s like merging onto a highway when you’re not sure you remember how to drive.

Silver Lining

I’d love to claim any of the righteous reasons I might use to defend the bus: environmentalism, patience, solidarity with my surroundings… but the truth is I just like it better.

Crushing It

Discovering each new piece of her was a treasure only surpassed by the next discovery. It did not take too long before she agreed to make our relationship official.

How’s That Working Out for You

But the first time I stepped on the treadmill, I realized I don’t know how to run when I’m not moving myself forward.

Pros and Cons

That’s a heavy con for Madison (Pros: Government job benefits, Roommate Night with my best friends, a church that has become home, cheese).

Fear Factor

I mean honestly, I cried the entire eight-hour car ride to college (shout out to my parents who kept driving).



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That’s a lot of lead up, I know. But, like, welcome to my head I guess.

Life After the Second Year

Life After the Second Year

What if we chose to invest like we’ll be here for ten years or more, and that investment became a reality?

The Unintended Outcome

The Unintended Outcome

When my parents brought up college during my junior year of high school, I delivered this zinger: “What’s more important, college or God?”

Second Person

Second Person

After all, wounds weep before they’re healed.

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