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No Strings Attached

The concert was that night (THAT NIGHT!), so I ran upstairs to change. I hoped to find something trendy, something that would let everyone at the concert know that this nine-year-old could ball.

Hips Don’t Lie: The Story of a Broken Bone & A Broken Ego

This is also the first time I ever took ibuprofen.

Begin to Hope

I have no dancing around my bedroom with a hairbrush microphone to Britney Spears to look back on. That’s because I didn’t listen to anything other than CCM until high school.

5 Get-To-Know-You Games That Almost Made Me Drop Out of Calvin

I wonder, though, if we haven’t forgotten what vulnerability actually means: exposure to harm, physical or emotional. I wonder if we’ve glorified vulnerability.

On Being In Between

Or maybe, there’s liberation to being in limbo—for a brief time, I’m nowhere. I’m placeless. I’m just part of the mass of humanity that’s moving from one space to another and back again.

Artprize 9: A Retrospective

 Before even stepping foot downtown I basically knew what art I would find where and what would be in the Top 20.

The Funny One

The Funny One

by | Sep 30, 2017

Making friends, it turns out, meant finding people I didn’t have to be funny around—those I could trust liked me even when I wasn’t confident or cracking jokes

On Tattoos

On Tattoos

During the hour it took to fill in the shapes of Michigan, Huron, Superior, Erie, and Ontario, I learned a lot about tattoos. Apparently, no design is off-limits, so long as you can find an artist willing to draw it.



Meanwhile, I am childless, jobless, and directionless. I don’t feel that I’ve wasted my time, and I don’t feel dismayed, but I’m also tired of feeling crushed under the weightlessness of potential and gawking at figs like stars I could never align.

What Hath God Wrought

What Hath God Wrought

The mystery began in middle school. Up until then, as far as I can tell, I was farting like the rest of them.