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The Spoon Rest

That’s how I realized, or decided: the spoon rest is the pinnacle of kitchen goods.

24 Hours in February

1:15 p.m. “Ope, it’s 1:15, I’ve got to run now,” he says. “Thank you, great to meet you.”

Put Out the Oven Fire: Practical Advice for When Your World is Ending

I promise, I will tell the story about the two-foot flames licking at the burners when I cracked open the oven door.

git gud, noob: Meditations for the New Year

This year, and any time you play Dark Souls, you will rush into something, and you will fail. You will take your time at something, and you will fail—even at something you’ve done easily a hundred times before.

Partial Faith Shutdown: Thoughts on the Women’s March

But when my granddaughter asks if the injustices mattered to me, my words will mean nothing unless I was there. So, we went.

The Way I Came

This February, the Alaskan Way Viaduct will be disassembled. Trucks and cranes will shake loose the concrete foundations before an earthquake has the pleasure, and I’m beginning to realize that I will never be able to leave Seattle the way I came.

Take-Out Evangelism

Take-Out Evangelism

by | Jan 2, 2019

When a man approached me in the mall food court and sheepishly asked if I had a few minutes to talk about Jesus, I reflexively smiled and said, “Oh, I’m already a Christian!” before realizing I wasn’t completely lying this time.

The Weather Outside is Frightful

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Thick, globby specks of white dotted the sky, like Impressionist brushstrokes viewed too close up.

Don René

Don René

He did not use grand showmanship or elaborate displays. He used simple, humble, everyday love.

One Year

One Year

“What if we had never met? had broken up in college? were still dating and living apart?” one of us will ask the other.