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Seasonal Attention

Under the Madison Street bridge, the tree that grows sideways suddenly popped flowers that smelled like corn tortillas.

Ten Facades

There are no miscalculations or extraneous details—things are only borrowed or loaned between neighbors.

On Being a Good Tenant

I care a lot about things like that. I want people to remember good things about me.


The next morning she was clutching the screen door with her dainty insect toes.

Mailbag from Myself

No one has any idea what to do, and we’re all trying to use what we’ve got to make things work.   


The first time I saw her, I was sitting on Cotter’s lap—he had been my best friend for probably six years at that point—at a meeting I crashed after coming home early from France.

42°55′16″N 85°37′19″W

42°55′16″N 85°37′19″W

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“Why is no one washing their hands before going to lunch?!”

Peacocks in the Neighborhood

Peacocks in the Neighborhood

“There are peacocks in Creston?!??”

Fear, Formula, and Getting Better

Fear, Formula, and Getting Better

It’s like merging onto a highway when you’re not sure you remember how to drive.

Silver Lining

Silver Lining

I’d love to claim any of the righteous reasons I might use to defend the bus: environmentalism, patience, solidarity with my surroundings… but the truth is I just like it better.

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