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The Art of Staying

I love the city I now call home, but it’s never been my destination.

In Life and in Death

A hot and electric pulse coursed through my body, like the shock you receive from an exposed wire, only longer-lasting, and warmer.

Just a House

I was suddenly aware of everything: the squelch of the slider door’s rubber seal releasing as my brother came in from the yard. The creak and crash of the screen door to the garage behind my dad.

Solitude and I-80

And then—after all that hectic activity—all I had to do was drive. For five hours. On the same road. Beside a repeating pattern of corn and soybeans.

To Clean Out a Room

I don’t like change, and I am an anxious person. Nice to meet you.

A Laughable Mistake

We welcomed the hilarity of our mistake, the unknowns of adventure, and the opportunity to give ourselves grace.

Shut Up and Learn Something, Stupid!

Shut Up and Learn Something, Stupid!

by | Jul 29, 2018

With this skewed perspective, it’s almost impossible to disassociate Calvin’s intended view of vocation, and our idea of vocation in relation to our career.

2001: A Sex Odyssey

2001: A Sex Odyssey

Condoms were occasionally brought up with a scoff and a smirk. Believing that condoms were good for anything was credulity on par with believing the earth is flat.

Just One

Just One

I know some churches are trying. “Singles group” is a thing. But really? That’s depressing on a good day, patronizing on a bad one.

On Grand Rapids’ Not-So-Rapid Bus—And Why I Love It

On Grand Rapids’ Not-So-Rapid Bus—And Why I Love It

Riding the bus requires a release of control. The person using a wheelchair has the priority now; whatever my plans were, they can wait. We’re both riding the same bus, and we’ll get there when we get there.