Our theme for the month of July is “stunt journalism.” Writers were asked to try something new, take on a challenge, or perform some other interesting feat strictly for the purpose of writing about it.

For my stunt, I determined I would follow someone (a friend; don’t worry) around for a day, pretending like I was a spy. I did not tell him I was doing so. In my attempt, I learned a few things. 1) Driving in/through/around Pike Place Market should never be attempted; 2) Being a spy is super boring. I imagined artfully tailing in a vehicle; I ended up posted outside my subject’s office all day; 3) Reconnaissance is pivotal. Most of my difficulties stemmed from lack of intel; 4) This was a fun exercise, and; 5) I would be a terrible spy.



AGENT: Orlebeke
DATE: 07/14/2017
OBJECTIVE: Gather information, determine daily movements of subject Denny Porter
OUTCOME: Failure


9:15 AM PDT: Established position approx. 25 ft from subject’s workplace. Clear view of doorway. Background intel confirms subject is in workplace at this time.

9:47 AM PDT: Associates of subject entering workplace. Unidentifiable figure opens door; possibly subject

10:37 AM PDT: Potential tail sited – white van, approx. 14 feet long, license plate C44J45. Driver young male wearing black sunglasses. Monitoring situation closely

11:08 AM PDT: Holding position – white van confirmed unthreatening

11:32 AM PDT: Woman, 40s, wearing brown, entering location. Door opened from inside. Figure indiscernible; will follow up

11:51 AM PDT: Black Subaru, license plate 5C2940, pulls up to workplace. Exchange of product. Buyer 20s/30s male, short, black hat, baseball t-shirt, seller 20s/30s male, white shirt, sideburns. Seller revealed to be door warden. Subject still unaccounted for.

12:14 PM PDT: Posing as subject’s college friend, placed call to subject’s workplace inquiring about whereabouts. Informed that subject has left the premises; back in 1-2 hours

12:32 PM PDT: Confirm with asset subject’s likely path

1:00 PM PDT: Departed location on asset tip in search of subject

1:30 PM PDT: Arrived on location, subject not visible. Checking secondary site.

1:38 PM PDT: Subject not at secondary site.

1:42 PM PDT: Supplies running low, returning to Regional Center

MISSION TAKEAWAYS: Despite significant effort and time, unable to sight subject… partially attributable to bad intel from recon team, particularly with regard to workplace rear door… sources are good, information was solid – recommend further development of asset… site presents multiple opportunities for future observation… subject proved elusive; recommend three person team going forward… given intel on rear door and larger team, confident in future success of operation


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