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Who knew when we’d see each other again, with the pandemic rolling in and the economy flipping belly-up, with graduation and wedding and career plans scattering in the air like confetti.

My Spring in Five Courses

I have named our pop-up restaurant Le Cabine. This restaurant has everything: grammatical inaccuracy, two cats hanging around at all times, and the world’s first ever Michelin Moon.

Inside COVID-19’s Cheering Section

People will die, the economy might tank, and my Italian honeymoon’s on the line, but somehow, it feels like I have a conflict of interest.


sometimes I’m sorry I was not
all green and yellow lights.


“I’m glad you’re here, Will,” said David, “because Sarah and I have an announcement to make.”

Mind Your Shotgun

Today I smell dead quail and gunpowder. Today I taste sweat. Good things, and my attention comes on its own.

An Open Letter to Owls

An Open Letter to Owls

by | Oct 20, 2019 | 19 comments

I will have you know that you all used to be one of my favorite animals.

N is for Northwest: A Letter

N is for Northwest: A Letter

I can’t get over how urgent this essay published in 1836 remains today. And I urgently, madly want to annoy you all with it.

F is for Fermata

F is for Fermata

I don’t know what home means without you.

A Brief Account of Recent Miracles

A Brief Account of Recent Miracles

I’m writing about the extraordinary. 

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