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The Front Runner

Her writing was an act of taking a love that for centuries had been pushed to the margins and defiantly sticking it on the center of the page.

While on a Walk

Standing there, I have a similar sensation to the one on the Peter Pan ride at Disney World when your pirate ship escapes through the window of the children’s bedroom to reveal a sleepy London beneath you.

Condom Nation

Those who drive sex education policies, it would seem, care more about ideology than accuracy—more about ideology, in fact, than effectiveness, teen moms, or lifelong diseases, either.

We’d Love You to Succeed, As Long As It’s Not Here

Maybe the idea of just anyone traipsing into their precious little neighborhood and enjoying the benefits that they enjoy is too much to cope with. But the reasons ultimately don’t matter.

The Flowers in Seattle

Never before in my life have I been physically stopped in my tracks by the scent of flowers. Never until I moved to Seattle.

Blackberries: A Love Song

Blackberry ice cream is as holy as library reading logs or PVC swordfights.

Social Strata

Social Strata

by | Apr 14, 2018

Though I’ve never defined myself by a job title, I came to the realization that without my previous one, I had little to define myself with at all.

Slackcountry Snow

Slackcountry Snow

Then I pointed my skis over the edge and leaned forward so my weight eased me into the wide couloir, and it felt like I was plummeting and the snow exploding around me like a warzone.

I Am Liking Myself

I Am Liking Myself

“It doesn’t matter what you do,” I will tell my children, “as long as you like yourself better than you like most other people.”

Mayonnaise: A Review

Mayonnaise: A Review

Four tablespoons, give or take, of pure, undiluted mayonnaise.