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Roads: Untaken, Taken

But I will often retrace the roads and words I’ve taken and exhale, exultant.

Top Ten

Who knew when we’d see each other again, with the pandemic rolling in and the economy flipping belly-up, with graduation and wedding and career plans scattering in the air like confetti.

My Spring in Five Courses

I have named our pop-up restaurant Le Cabine. This restaurant has everything: grammatical inaccuracy, two cats hanging around at all times, and the world’s first ever Michelin Moon.

Inside COVID-19’s Cheering Section

People will die, the economy might tank, and my Italian honeymoon’s on the line, but somehow, it feels like I have a conflict of interest.


sometimes I’m sorry I was not
all green and yellow lights.


“I’m glad you’re here, Will,” said David, “because Sarah and I have an announcement to make.”

Mind Your Shotgun

Mind Your Shotgun

by | Dec 6, 2019 | 2 comments

Today I smell dead quail and gunpowder. Today I taste sweat. Good things, and my attention comes on its own.

An Open Letter to Owls

An Open Letter to Owls

I will have you know that you all used to be one of my favorite animals.

N is for Northwest: A Letter

N is for Northwest: A Letter

I can’t get over how urgent this essay published in 1836 remains today. And I urgently, madly want to annoy you all with it.

F is for Fermata

F is for Fermata

I don’t know what home means without you.

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