One of my flaws is that I love personality quizzes. I’m the person who enjoys Enneagram type Instagram infographics and silly Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you what type of bread you are all the same. I live for a stranger trying to psychoanalyze me based on the fact that I prefer yellow and Phoebe Bridgers lyrics. 

These days, I’ve been getting my version of astrology readings through the strange hyper-specific uquizzes proliferating on Tumblr. Uquiz, as far as I can tell, was designed to be another survey tool for companies. Instead, they’ve become synonymous with judgemental omens bestowed by terminally online people based on song lyrics and stock photos.

Since the uquiz popular homepage is a hellhole of cringey teenager interests (they are allowed to like things but please get the Minecraft YouTubers away from me) (why are all trending pages bad), I’m sending you all to some of my favorites: the quizzes that are way too specific or are trying too hard.


What are your chances of surviving the end of world?

My result: 0%

Sometimes when living in a world where the apocalypse seems like it’s already here, it’s nice to know where you would stand when the end happens. I wouldn’t be, clearly. 


Which weirdly specific water vibe are you?

My result: Ocean cliff

I got my result and felt like I was kicked in the kneecaps. I then found screenshots of the other results and realized I would have felt called out no matter what I got. Maybe that has more to say about me than the quizmaker. 


What kind of supervillain are you?

My result: Asshole for the first half/ domesticated for the second half

Honestly, I don’t remember taking this one, but past me really liked it. This is my representative pick for all the trope quizzes out there, I guess. 


Which of the gaang’s kids/grandkids are you? 

My result: Tenzin

I got dragged for liking Kataang but out of all the Avatar: The Last Airbender quizzes I took, this one was definitely the most accurate. Or maybe I just like to think Tenzin encapsulates the tryhard teacher soul I have. 


Which of my anime boys are you?

My result: Akaashi Keiji (Haikyu!!)

All of these assigned character quizzes are dumb, but I can’t stop taking them. Yes, I am a character from a sports anime I’ve never seen. Yes, I am he/they your mother warned you about. Yes, I am the guy of all time. 


Let me assign you a love language

My result: Consumption of a heart unloved

Gah. This quiz is definitely on the stranger side, but the purple prose is too good to ignore. Get your new unsettling love language here! 


Which Undertale song are you?

My result: “It’s Raining Somewhere Else”

I have a weak spot for quizzes with a bunch of different results. This one isn’t quite as expansive as the Pokémon partner or snake one, but it also checks the boxes of trying to guess my personality and giving me a media recommendation. Its only detriment is that it made me play Undertale again, which meant I spent a fruitless hour looking for how to truly reset my game. Should have just listened to the song and been done.


Which early Christian heresy are you?

My result: Arianism

This person has hyperspecific knowledge beyond the likes of which I could dream. Plus, this quiz is the closest thing I have got to Christianity in my travels, even if it’s a list of heresies. I had some major church history class flashbacks thanks to this quiz, mostly about how great Athanasius is. 


Try to find your way out of my wizard maze

My result: You remain trapped within the maze

While this uquiz crashed on my phone four times and ultimately spit in my face once I finally answered all the questions, I cannot make an uquiz list without it. Wizardisanimal set out to see what the uquiz question limit was and birthed this labyrinth that I cannot bring myself to try to break out of. You may try to escape yourself, but at least heed my warning. Do not take this on mobile because it will crash and you will have to redo seventy-five multiple choice answers, and you will be as salty as I. 


Solve a murder and become a monster

My result: knees.

The ultimate uquiz award goes to this one. Atmosphere is impeccable, choices are interesting and fun to read, and it succeeds in telling a story in a medium that does not play well with stories. I will even forgive the egregious typo in the quiz introduction. My heart for you, tenera. 


Honorable non-uquiz mentions

Free nline gender quiz and Please select your gender

My result: The Angel Ramiel from Neon Genesis Evangelion and N/A 

These two are fantastic pokes at what gender has come to encompass. If you want to engage in some low-stakes self-reflection or become even more confused about what gender spectrum kids are on these days, these quizzes are for you. Fair warning: the second one will not give you a result and is designed as some college kid’s experiment, so if you are uncomfortable with giving data to a rando without the reward of getting assigned a personality, I’d avoid it.


P.S. If you enjoyed these, feel free to try your luck with the uquiz database blog. Satisfaction is not guaranteed.


  1. Jon

    These are hilarious! Was really hoping for that salamander quiz to make an appearance…

    • Alex Johnson

      Ahaha, that came from the fact that I wrote half of this when on a plane and didn’t have internet to check which animal the snake quiz was on. I thought it was salamanders and was also disappointed to discover it to be snakes. Maybe I was just remembering your top-notch salamander post 😛

  2. Juliana Knot

    “What Christian heresy are you?” is a fantastic addition

    • Alex Johnson

      Truly it answered a burning question in my soul.


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