You will continue to receive emails that require responses. It will be more effective to reply to your emails as they come in than it is to constantly update your to-do list with “reply to emails.”

The broth in the refrigerator will only take half an hour to cook, and you can spend most of that time in another room. Imagine it: you go to ponder dinner and find a bowl of food already prepared!

Speaking of food, your quality of life will improve immensely after you buy groceries. The thrill of meal prep with fresh vegetables and proteins is unmatched, and slowing your carb intake might liberate some of your other woes.

Once you put the clean dishes back in the cupboards, washing the dirty dishes will become a conceivable task. Perhaps this will also help with the lingering scent in the kitchen, or allow you to eat pasta with a fork rather than a spoon.

You will run out of socks if you don’t do laundry. When you open the drawer, and see it stuffed every which-way, you’ll want to believe the socks will be there for you forever, but they will soon be gone, and you will not have prepared to wear a sockless shoe.

Please reply to your emails.

Every time you go to write something, you curse Google Drive for being so disorganized. Google is at fault for many evils in the world, but not this. You have a folder structure. Use it. And consider document names other than “Untitled.”

The bus driver will notice when you don’t board at the usual time. You also save money when you take the bus. Pry yourself out of bed a few minutes earlier and grant us all some relief.

It’s early in the month. Click on New York Times, Washington Post, and New Yorker links with caution; you’ll be bored for two weeks if you use up all your free articles now.

Moana is no longer on Netflix. You may find another way to watch it, or you may select a different film, but searching for it on Netflix will not return a different result today than it did last month.

Really, even one email would help.

Shirts thrive when they hang to dry. The warmth and satisfaction of an untended load fresh out of the dryer is fleeting; a wrinkled shirt lasts all day. (I won’t foolishly suggest anything related to an iron.)

Reading is enjoyable! It reduces stress and fills you with knowledge. You have five half-read books. If the author intended for you to stop in the middle, they wouldn’t have written the rest of the book.

You enjoy libraries—the very air in them is more life-giving than regular air. You could finish a library book and return it, or simply visit the library because you enjoy doing so; you don’t need to justify every trip with some grand purpose.

The tea leaves left in your teapot won’t seem so unimportant when you would like to brew a cup and must instead spend several minutes cleaning the pot.

I’ll forgive you for ignoring all of this if you just answer your emails.

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