When one returns to one’s parents’ home, one must take stock of the various relics, detrita, paraphernalia, and bric-a-brac on the walls and in the closets. But no worries about actually sorting through anything… there’s always next year.


  • 2015 wall calendar turned to September (1)
  • Dried out dry erase markers (4)
  • Old jewelry box (1) with puka shell necklaces (3)
  • Twin bed with ancient plastic tubs holding who knows what underneath (1)
  • Ancient plastic tubs holding who knows what (3)
  • Big, beautiful dresser that I’ll actually move to wherever I’m living once (if) I’m living somewhere that I know I’ll be living at for a while (1)
  • T-shirts in said dresser from various events and teams (13)
  • Articles of parents’ clothing hanging in the closet (baker’s dozen)
  • Old art supplies (ERROR: INCALCULABLE)
  • Closet-shelf tchotchkes (23)
  • Handmade model covered wagon from 4th grade book report on the Donner Party (1)
  • Raggedy Ann dolls watching me as I sleep (2)
  • Lanyards from various summer camps and youth conferences (8)
  • Old journals: Full (5), Half-full (7)  
  • School yearbooks (6)
  • Middle school basketball leadership plaques (2)
  • 2014 Academic Discipline Award, Biblical Studies (1)
  • Spinny noir-looking desk chair (1)
  • Closet that I turned into a reading nook that I wish I had used more than I did (1)
  • Framed painting from my great-grandpa (1) 
  • Young Adult fiction book serieses (8)
  • 1,000 point basketball (1)
  • Mason jars (3) marked “Save,” “Spend,” “Tithe”
  • Age of Empires III computer game (1)
  • Schindler’s List LaserDisc that I bought because I thought it was a LP (1)

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