Like my closet and chest of drawers, my Instagram follows were in a state of disarray last month. I found myself rolling my eyes at many of the posts crowding my feed: fitspiration models (because diet culture is toxic), bloggers who no longer interest me (because no one who lets their food get cold to photograph it is “living authentically”), insufferable travelers (inspirational platitudes? Gag me with a spoon.), and so on. It was high time for a serious KonMari discard session, and over the course of a couple of days I gleefully tapped the “unfollow” button dozens of times. With the clutter cleared away, many joy-sparking accounts rose to the top, and I am pleased to share with you a few of my favorites.


I discovered this account when @theartofplating reposted an image of one of Lauren Ko’s gobsmackingly beautiful pies. The Seattle-based baker/artist manipulates colorful fruits, flowers, and dough to create intricately detailed pie patterns that are immensely satisfying to behold.


More gorgeous and interesting to look at than any #wanderlust traveling girl could ever be, the elegant, lustrous, copper-colored Irish Setter known as Troja never fails to put a smile on my face. Photographed by George, her devoted Instagram human, Troja lives her best life sauntering through the forests of Norway, serving up moody, sultry dog goddess vibes that I never before knew I needed.

tanfrance, karamo, bobbyberk, jvn, and antoni

Seeing the Fab Five be fierce, kind-hearted, gracious, hilarious, and generous to each other and to people who aren’t feeling their best has moved me and many others to laughter and tears. Who can help but adore them? Jonathan’s ice skating, Antoni’s thirst traps, Karamo’s self-care messages, Tan’s grace and style, and Bobby’s design inspiration are all things I need and want in my feed.


Sarah Tyau’s feed is a wellspring of a quality I would like to cultivate more of: the ability to see and nurture the potential of objects, people, and places that aren’t currently at their best. In Sarah’s hands, outmoded, ill-fitting, and frumpy thrifted clothes are transformed and elevated to the peak of class and style. If you love a good before and after shot, this one is definitely for you.


The practice of yoga in our part of the world has become so thin, rich, and white that many studio environments are implicitly (or explicitly) unwelcoming or inaccessible to people who are plus size, of color, and/or of lower economic means. Into this world enters Jessamyn Stanley, a plus-size black woman unapologetically shattering our preconceived notions of how a yoga teacher should look. Her teaching and writing bears the message that yoga can be practiced by bodies of all sizes and that instead of allowing ourselves to be stressed about exercise, we ought to enjoy the gift of moving the bodies that we have.


Featuring whimsical, delicate illustrations of whales, fairies, dinosaurs, birds, and plants, glimpses of Katherine Quinn’s work on my feed always gives me pause. Some of her posts are beautiful, thoughtful pattern designs that may become wallpaper, fabric, yoga mats, paper products and more; in other posts, she draws inspiration from found objects in nature, such as magnolia seed pods, which she places on paper and paints characters around.


At only 15 years old, Robert Irwin already shares the undaunted passion for wildlife conservation, unabashed love for animals, and exuberance of his father, Steve “The Crocodile Hunter.” Through working at Australia Zoo and a new show on Animal Planet, Crikey! It’s the Irwins, Robert, mother Terri, and sister Bindi honor the work of late Steve and cover new ground in the work of conservation. In addition, Robert is already an award-winning photographer, one of only a few in the world to have captured the image of a wolf spider eating a frog.

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