This is everything I searched on Google from September 6 to 9 (more accurately: everything I searched while I was logged into my Google account; also some duplicates have been removed). It does not include searches on Google Scholar. I wish it did because it would look like I actually do productive things with my life, but oh well.

So here it is, a little slice of my life:

September 6:

  • cribbage (12:10 a.m.) – I like to play cribbage online.
  • brett ratner (1:49 a.m.) – Given as an example of a director who will accommodate producers to make a commercially viable product.
  • werner herzog (3:14 a.m.) – Hard to get a read on this dude. Uncompromising in his artistic vision for serious films, but also appears in Parks & Rec and The Penguins of Madagascar (the third sequel (I think) to DreamWorks’ hit film Madagascar.
  • adam smith business school (2:15 p.m.) – I went to Scotland the week before. Visited the Adam Smith Business School. Soaked in the history of my academic field.
  • scott disick (2:20 p.m.) – When they both have beards, he and Jared Leto kind of look alike.
  • Frank Pallone School of Public Health (2:31 p.m.) – I have no memory of this search.
  • loch lomond (2:52 p.m.) – More Scotland background info.
  • maps.gog (2:58 p.m.) – Everyone makes mistakes.
  • (2:58 p.m.) – Got it in two.
  • video killed the radio star (5:45 p.m.) – Great song. I was looking into the background, which is a little confusing because it was co-written by three guys; one of them recorded it with his band and then the other two recorded it with their band.
  • rapid pay card uchicago (6:32 p.m.) – I may or may not have lost a debit card containing a year’s worth of TA wages. I’m working on it; don’t worry.
  • e matlab (10:11 p.m.) – I couldn’t remember how to represent Euler’s number in the programming language Matlab.

September 7:

  • nathan for you episodes online (1:31 a.m.) – Nathan for You is a very funny show about a guy who acts as a business consultant but gives terrible advice. I’m not proud of it, but I sometimes watch it through illegal, online means.
  • bloons tower defense (1:48 a.m.) – Good game to play while watching TV shows.
  • qi episodes online (2:22 a.m.) – QI is a great TV show. It’s a British trivia/panel show originally hosted by Stephen Fry (currently: Sandi Toksvig). See the note on Nathan for You vis-a-vis my pride and illegal, online watching.
  • lacey chabert (1:33 p.m.) – Somebody mentioned her in a podcast I was listening to.
  • kismet (2:20 p.m.) – I’d never heard this word before. Somebody texted it to me because I had been creepin’ on his Facebook at the very same moment that he texted me.
  • cait fairbanks (2:37 p.m.) – Referenced in same podcast as Lacey Chabert.
  • probiotics (5:26 p.m.) – I needed to see what all the fuss was about.
  • mac miller (6:50 p.m.) – RIP
  • tie game in dominion (9:18 p.m.) – Dominion is a fun board/card game. I tied in a game with a friend of mine, but we didn’t know the tie breaking condition. Turns out, the person who has taken the fewest turns wins in the event of a tie, so I lost.
  • samantha morton (11:52 p.m.) – Referenced in same podcast as Lacey Chabert and Cait Fairbanks.

September 8:

  • Richard Thaler fermat (2:31 p.m.) then Richard Taylor fermat (2:32 p.m.) – Somebody on a YouTube video gave the name of one of the people who proved Fermat’s Last Theorem, and I thought he said “Richard Thaler,” which is the name of an economist, but he actually said “Richard Taylor.”
  • balloon in Spanish (9:39 PM) – globo

September 9:


  • don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me (4:43 p.m.) – Don’t ya?
  • this might get loud, John Bonham, and Roger Daltrey (4:53 p.m. – 4:54 p.m.) – This Might Get Loud is a documentary about rock guitarists, which sent me on a rock’n’roll Google dive.
  • mathematica function of vector, mathematica function of vector derivative, nmaximize mathematica, maximize over vector mathematica, Piecewise[], piecewise mathematica, mathematica fullregion, mathematica in set symbol, mathematica indexed, if statement mathematica, sum mathematica, vector product mathematica, all elements of a vector greater than zero mathematica, trueq, and min mathematica (5:47 p.m. – 6:40 p.m.) – Mathematica is very useful programming language, but I have to spend a lot of time in the online documentation.
  • gma (6:46 p.m.) – Trying to go to Gmail, but autocomplete failed me. “GMA” brings you to “Good Morning America.”
  • gmail (6:47 p.m.) – Nailed it.
  • plot mathematica (6:48 p.m.) then mathematica for (6:50 p.m.) – At a certain point, it’s like “hey maybe just use a language that you’re more familiar with.”
  • denver broncos (6:52 p.m.) – They were playing the Seattle Seahawks. A friend said he would play a computer game online after the Broncos game was done.
  • executive power usa (7:38 p.m.) – Somebody brought up the topic of executive power, and I realized I was ignorant.
  • minesweeper (8:11 p.m.) – I like to play Minesweeper online.
  • 1066 (8:35 p.m.) – I couldn’t remember if it was the Battle of Agincourt or the Battle of Hastings. It was the Battle of Hastings.
  • google search history (11:01 p.m.) then export google search history (11:09 p.m.) – This is the point at which I decided to write this post.

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