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On Success

The dedication of one’s entire life to a community left their memory in a dusty room, largely visited by bored students on field trips and the occasional curious passersby.

Unpacking the Attic: Home in Eight Vignettes

Technically my third home, but my memories begin here.

My Father’s Presence

I think for me words and voice have always been a form of presence.

First Dog-Cousin, Once Removed

Clark and Tessie came immediately to the back screen door, already vocalizing their hunger. No Lewis. 

A Sign From God

“Meeting you was a divine encounter. I’m living on trust, too.” Jacob grinned, as if my existence validated his life.

What’s in a Name

But, during the Advent season, I remember why I like my name.

Like Riding A Bike

Like Riding A Bike

by | May 10, 2016 | 0 comments

I could feel the wind teasing my pigtails. I was positively gliding. Then I glanced backward, realized my dad was no longer behind me, and promptly fell off the bike.



The 825 bus was supposed to be safe, full of silent commuters taking it to their jobs in fancy skyscrapers downtown. It wasn’t the 10, where you could expect crazy and a half all day long.

Recommendations from Narnia

I’ve adopted an excellent form of escapism. I’ve been reading a lot, and I’m going to tell you about a few of my recent favorites.

The Bachelor Farmer

The Bachelor Farmer

After leaving college, I lost my faith in food. Now, food is what I ingest alone, usually, when I’m hungry, bored, or tired from working fifty hours a week.

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