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I always found it strange at sleepovers when friends of mine would turn the lights off and fall asleep in near-absolute silence.

Coffee Crimes

Flooding stores with fresh hires just before a vote count in an attempt to dilute the vote? Illegal. Dragging their feet as long as possible with unionized stores, refusing to negotiate a contract with the union? Illegal.

I Was Wrong About: Myself

Lines like “If their identity is based on feelings, and their feelings are always changing, then their identity is always changing”, though embarrassing, gave me this sweet sense of self-revelation that made me feel relieved and enlightened all at the same time.

The Queer Alumnus Dilemma

Calvin’s attitude of dismissal and thinly-veiled condemnation towards LGBTQ+ people doesn’t turn queer students into straight students, or even into more faithful queer students.

Medium Friends

In comparison, it feels trivial to call today’s friends close when every time we hang out has to be planned two to five business days in advance.

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