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Seeing Things Again

There’s a Dutch phrase about the Dom, my grandpa claims. “See the Cologne Cathedral and you can die.”

Wearing Sweatpants to a German Supermarket

In the US, wearing sweatpants to the grocery store is an act of conformity. In Germany as in many other countries on the continent, it’s an act of rebellion.

Crossing German streets

Life as an expat can be categorized according to two phenomena: experiences that reinforce the expat’s sense of belonging to her heritage and experiences that point to a shift in identity.

Nothing Goes as Planned

Last fall, my much-delayed Megabus dropped me off in Chinatown at 2:30 a.m. I had seven percent battery life, four dollars in cash, and no idea how to get to Brooklyn.

E-mails from David in the Week before Pentecost

I could almost hear his eyes glazing over. The remove in his voice suggested that the ocean between us was a puddle compared to the expanse between our brains.

In Germany, A Language Test Not Just For Refugees

In 2050, when the first histories of Germany’s integration project are written, the country will be graded on its efficacy in educating refugees in its native tongue.

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge

by | Mar 16, 2016

How much further from home is the 40-year old tailor from Afghanistan who lacks the native words to ask for his family’s daily bread?

A Question in Cologne

A Question in Cologne

Faced with what the Justice Minister called “a new dimension of organized criminality” (a stark departure from “relaxed”), Germany is asking itself questions.

Learning from Emmanuel

Learning from Emmanuel

You understand the subject, could identify, spell, and define each subsequent word or phrase, and are then met with a verb that can’t possibly make sense in the imagined understanding. What’s left is January North Sea coastline.

“…viele Mauern abzubauen”

“…viele Mauern abzubauen”

We were born, not in the shadow of a wall that divided nations, worldviews, and cultures, but into the sunlight streaming through its cracks.