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Advice from the Island Bar

This friendly man at the bar wrote the books my dad and grandpa read at the beach for years, AND he was partially responsible for our family tradition of eating dinner (and lunch, and then dinner again) at Doc Fords on Sanibel.

This is Wrong: Teaching in the Age of School Shootings

Saint John once wrote that perfect love casts out fear. I beg to differ.

Teenage Superheros

Most importantly of all, the Parkland activism has led tens of thousands of young people around the country to become civically engaged.

Learning to Mourn

What I really want the smiling broadcasters to say is that there is no silver lining. This is not an opportunity or a warning call or a new beginning. It is an ending, and endings should be mourned.

How to Road Trip to Florida, With Detours, Part 2

So often we tell ourselves to live in the moment, or seize the day, or be present, or rest in the now. But what does that all mean?

How to Road Trip to Florida, With Detours, Part 1

Drive south until you reach a Ruby Tuesdays up in flames. At this point, you’ll be approximately seven miles from a beautiful cabin in the Smoky Mountains, but it will take you two hours to get there.

You Are Now Having Fun

You Are Now Having Fun

by | Aug 18, 2015

Things like sex or empathy work better the less you engage with them analytically, the less you step back and watch yourself doing them.

Obituary for Big Blue

Obituary for Big Blue

Affectionately known as “Big Blue” and “The Behemoth” to those who knew her best, the Savana was celebrated by nearly all who came into contact with her.