For the month of June, we asked all of our writers to include a video in their piece.

1. Magnets are awesome. Building with magnets is super fun. Electromagnets are dope.

2. Constellations are fascinating on many levels: not only are stars, astronomy, and physics really interesting, but the fact that someone thousands of years ago decided to name those stars and give them back stories and stuff is also pretty cool.

3. If you can walk somewhere, you should. Even if that means walking two miles in the snow to the train station so you can go to work in the city without driving your car.

4. Don’t get too upset about your hair going gray or falling out, or about the potbelly you can’t seem to prevent. Someday you might meet someone, maybe your daughter, who will not love you “in spite” of those things, but because of them.

5. Sometimes you’ll be the dad who spends eight hours over the course of a weekend helping your daughter build a scale model of a guillotine for her Tale of Two Cities project in high school. Sometimes you’ll be the dad who puts orange juice in the cheerios and feeds them to your six-year-old daughter for dinner because her mom is gone and you’re out of milk. Both dads are memorable. Neither dad is a bad.

6. Given the right set of circumstances, you really can go from being the son of a single mother during The Great Depression to being the father of five daughters you successfully put through college, all by working hard and saving money carefully.

7. Having a rags-to-riches story of your own doesn’t mean you have to automatically assume everyone can achieve the American Dream like you did.

8. V8, even just the retro cans of tomato juice, is amazing. And Bloody Marys are easily the best alcoholic beverage.

9. Sharing is caring, but hoarding your favorite candies in the bottom drawer of your dresser is a good way to prevent familial disaster.

10. If it’s broken, don’t buy a new one: try to fix it. Hot glue, superglue, epoxy, solder. In that order.

11. If it’s broken and it’s cheap, don’t bother buying a new one. Did you need one in the first place?

12. If it’s broken and you can’t fix it, buy the newest, coolest model. But do your consumer research. And never pay full price.

13. Buying a new car is irresponsible. The single biggest cost of owning a car is depreciation, and if you simply buy a new model used car, you can avoid it. And pay cash where you can, because the second biggest cost of a car is the interest on monthly payments.





14. Sometimes you will say things that will hurt people’s feelings. Sometimes they will remember them for years. You can’t always help that.

15. A prickly dad can be a hard person for a little girl to appreciate, but so can broccoli. And when you’re older, you’ll learn that if you put broccoli on a baking sheet, douse it in olive oil and sprinkle it with salt, all the bitterness goes away and you’re left with a delightful snack. You have to find your prickly dad’s metaphorical olive oil and salt. Just don’t put him in the actual oven.

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