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You’ll likely lose any love you ever had for this beast of a man, and with it will go any unconditional respect you have for the establishment of America as a country.


The visual cortex begins to interpret images and even change them before it even processes fully what they are, meaning that we often see things that aren’t actually there. 

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To have a place on my car, something would need to be meaningful enough that I find value in saying it, but still simple enough that I would stand behind any reasonable interpretation someone would have of it.


And as the saxophonist stood to our applause, I silently thanked Mr. Moore for teaching me the language of time, imbuing this Saturday night with more meaning than it could otherwise have had.

Memento Reply All

Isn’t Kelsey on the party planning committee or whatever? I feel like she’s too much of a Try-Hard to pass up something like that. I hope she remembers I’m gluten free so I can eat something other than a fruit cup this year.

Them’s the Beans

There are also in-game currencies and prizes, but the real celebration is that “Chicken Dinner,” which, I cannot stress enough, bears no resemblance to any kind of meal.

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