How do you spell Hanukkah?

What’s open on Christmas Eve?

Is it still Black Friday?

Why is “the elf on the shelf” a thing?

How many turtlenecks are in Love Actually?

“It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” lyrics

Christmas cocktails

Are colored lights tacky? Do blinking lights use more electricity?

How much water does my Christmas tree need?

Why do Jude Law’s daughters in The Holiday each have their own phone number?

Why is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

How do you make a paper cut-out snow flake?

What do you mix with eggnog?

What is a good Christmas gift for someone you are only casually dating?

Easy Christmas cookies.

“Happy Christmas Harry. Happy Christmas Ron.”

Caroline Higgins

Caroline Higgins (’11) lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she spends the vast majority of her time teaching English Language Arts. You may also find her at barre exercise classes or playing (and losing) at bar trivia. She continues to be inspired by the energy and diversity of New York City and the beauty of that certain slant of light.

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