What were your successes from the past year?

This past year I had a lot of success in succeeding. I succeeded in making goals and then furthered my success by meeting them. Furthermore, I developed my skills in the area of success in order to contribute to our team’s overall success in the success category.

What were the challenges from the past year?

This year was full of many challenges that challenged me. When facing challenges, I was challenged to overcome those challenges in order to reach goals so that I could be successful instead of challenged. While our team encountered many challenges this year, I was never too challenged by any of them, so our success report demonstrates that the challenges were ultimately unchallenging.

What are your goals for the coming year?

Next year, I would like to have goals so that I can reach them and be successful. Ideally, these goals would also be challenging, but not so challenging that they interfere with my success. Therefore, my number one goal for next year is to goal-oriented.

How can your manager support you in meeting these goals?

My manager can support me by being supportive and goal-oriented. I need my manager to manage me and provide a support system that is conducive to reaching my goals. Moreover, it is important that my goals are supported by my manager so that the team can be successful.

What skills have you been developing in the past year and what skills are you planning on developing in the coming year?

This year I focused on developing my skills in skill-building. I worked hard on developing my skills and would like to continue to hone my skills in the coming year. In addition to working on my skills, I would also like focus on my development in order to achieve my goals and use both my skills and my development to positively impact my team and not create any unnecessary challenges. Moreover, I want to develop my skills and become skilled at development in the coming year.

Is there anything not covered by this form that you would like to discuss with your manager?

I would like to discuss what the form covers with my manager, as well as anything. In examining the past year and looking toward the coming year, I think focusing on both what the form covers and what the form does not cover is crucial to our success in the areas of goal-achieving, challenge-overcoming, skill-building, and development-developing. In conclusion, synergy.

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