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One of the things about moving around a lot is that people start to ask you, “Does it feel like home?”

Stacking Wood (The Homestead Still Teaches)

I learned that home is a team sport.

Progress Notes

The South American gem grinned when I responded to her beautifully-accented English in Spanish, and spoke again, “Digame si no me entiende. ¿Ok?” 

In a Land Far Away

So consider this a love letter from your faraway child.

The Pen is Just as Mighty

No algorithm is going to teach mandated reporters that white families are just as dangerous as other families.

Learning the Drip

My little bubble of relationships and routines exists for me to serve it with compassion, not for me to overlook it because something more interesting is on the horizon.

An Object Lesson

An Object Lesson

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Once someone no longer needs unemployment assistance because they’ve gotten a job, things should be much easier: more money, more independence, more control, more freedom. But DeParle wants to show us just how much harder it gets after welfare.

With This Ring

With This Ring

But regardless of his insistence that I follow his exact instructions or else something might go Terribly Wrong, I’d come too far to go back now.

Happy National Adoption Day

Happy National Adoption Day

“All adoption begins with loss.” I’ve chewed on that phrase for months, and the flavor hasn’t yet gone out of it.

The Gang Causes Gabe Moral Unease

The Gang Causes Gabe Moral Unease

That is exactly what It’s Always Sunny manages to do; it takes the depravity we all hold in common and, with a little creativity and a lot of imagination, makes it feel oddly magical.

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