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Another Woman’s Moccasins

If my fiancé decides to change his name, I want to make t-shirts that say WE ARE THE KRAMERS just to spite anyone who thinks this is not an option.

Matthew Brady’s True Legacy

He did everything it took to get those photographs. If there was a particularly artistic patch of land that happened to have no bodies, he and his crew would move them into position before shooting.

Dedicated Here to the Unfinished Work

Back in this time without television, movie theaters, and rock concerts, public speeches were exciting and entertaining, and, for the country town of Gettysburg, likely very rare. People would ride for hours, perhaps even days to hear someone.

One Hundred Seventy One

Later today, two brigades of enemy infantry will march down Chambersburg Pike. Buford and his men will do their best, but they will be easily outmatched and overridden.

The Cycle of Grocery Stores

And what greater grocery store is there in this universe, I ask you? Its hours of operation: endless. Its selection of salty snacks: both wide and economical.

I Am Lord Voldemort

The first of Adalbert Waffling’s Fundamental Laws of Magic: “Tamper with the deepest mysteries—the source of life, the essence of self—only if prepared for consequences of the most extreme and dangerous kind.”


by | Jan 15, 2014

Every year, the Romans made promises to the god, Janus (hence January), who was often depicted as two-faced: one facing front and one facing back.

Oh Right, That’s My Job Now

Oh Right, That’s My Job Now

The yelling is why I’m glad I chose not to be an elementary-school anything. And the yelling is what showed me, in ways that a phone bill or an empty fridge had failed to do, that I really am an adult now.

A 30-Day Quest

A 30-Day Quest

So, now that it’s September and I’ve got my novel-planning materials out, I’m looking forward—in my patented, heady and mystical way—to the winnings I plan to claim this year.

The Strange Case of the Bookcase and the Bedroom Floor

The Strange Case of the Bookcase and the Bedroom Floor

How can a person as unorganized and untidy as I am simultaneously be so anal retentive about how to arrange books?