It’s the beginning of Summer Book Club 2014 at our house.

What will you be reading this summer?


  1. Sarina Moore

    Fine. Ignore my question.

    I’ll go first: Dante’s Divine Comedy (don’t judge). Probably lots of murder mysteries, too.

    • Debra Rienstra

      Crime novels. Just finished Julia Spencer-Fleming’s latest. That horrible woman ended the novel with a cliffhanger for certain main characters! Grrr! (Actually, she’s a wonderful woman, but she’s wickedly clever.)

    • Paul

      Why would anyone judge you reading the Divine Comedy? Such a great book.

      • Sarina Moore

        Summer is for reading trash, Paul! Romance novels; murder mysteries; *People* magazine; the Twilight series (again): Although, Dan Brown books are *never* acceptable reading, even in the summer.

        (However, as a Victorianist, I heartily approve of your reading selection.)

  2. Geneva Langeland

    Some Francis Collins (NIH director), now that I’m working at his brainchild, the BioLogos Foundation. And speaking of mysteries, I have a little stack of Dorothy Gillman’s “Mrs. Pollifax” books to work through.

  3. Jake Schepers

    Just started Alice Notley’s Culture of One, which has already floored me. If I’m ambitious, I’ll finally carve out time for 1Q84 by Murakami, but no promises.

  4. Josh deLacy

    Right now, The Sound and the Fury. I’m getting pretty cozy with confusion.

  5. Paul

    Working on finishing up “Three Empires of the Nile: The Victorian Jihad, 1869-1899” by Dominic Green. All about England’s involvement in Egypt in the latter 19th Century. From propping up governments, to out maneuvering France for influence, to bungled military campaigns, this book is non-stop insanity.


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