Our theme for the month of October was selected by readers and is a format challenge: write a post completely in dialogue.


“Are you going to wear your nose ring for the wedding?”

“A six month engagement is too short.”

“Make sure your photographer doesn’t steal you away too much. Live in the moment.”

“A short engagement is totally the way to do it!”

“Make sure you get a photo with the friend groups you care about. I totally regret not getting some photos that I now don’t have.”

“Remember that it’s about the marriage and not the wedding.”

“Make sure you say hi to the people that travelled a long way for this.”

“You aren’t throwing your bouquet?”

“As long as you end up married, it was a success.”

“You aren’t doing favors?”

“The musicians said we don’t have to pay them since they are our friends. But I’m paying them anyway.”

“It’s not going to rain.”

“I’ve never made a garland before and I just made the most beautiful garland ever. If it rains we will find someplace to hang it.”

“It’s definitely going to rain.”

“I am happy to help with anything you need me to do.”

“I have an extra keg of Oberon leftover from a grad party. Want it for the wedding weekend?”

“She said you could stay at her Shelter Island house after the wedding if you want.”

“We f**ed up. We should have just gone to the courthouse.”

“You’re getting your nails done for your wedding alone? I’ve been up all night on a red-eye flight but I haven’t seen you in five years. I’m coming with you.”

“I’m actually really glad we ended up deciding to have a party.”

“I can’t believe people did all this for us.”

The ninth:

“Abby’s boyfriend is upstairs steaming our bridesmaids dresses.”

“How awesome is that garland?!”

“This is the most fun I have ever had in my whole life!”

“I could really use some champagne.”

“We forgot all the red wine at the house.”

“Are you freezing?”

“I think you are the happiest bride I’ve ever seen.”

“The porch is fine. I’m not trying to ruin someone’s cello today by having the ceremony outside.”

“I just talked to my mom. She can pick up all the red wine from your basement and drive it here no problem.”

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Forsaking all other…”

“They come over early for parties and chop vegetables.”

“You’re married now!”

“I’ve never heard so much Led Zeppelin at a wedding!”

“I know your pastor. We ride motorcycles together”

“My sister will stay up late and listen to you and love you. If you don’t believe me, read her blog.”

“I can’t believe you know the band guy personally.”

“The caterer got Centennial! It’s not All Day!”

“I can’t believe all these people are here for us.”

“Look over your shoulder when you can. Your brother is dancing with your mom.”


“We’re married now!”

“I can’t believe they played ‘Whole Lotta Love!’”

“I’m starving let’s order a pizza.”

“Your wedding was a lot more Jesus-y than I thought it would be.”

“I’m so thankful so much of my family from Georgia was there.”

“I can’t believe this many people just poured out their love for us.”

“I’ve never felt so loved in my whole life. ”

“I am so grateful.”

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