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Learning the Drip

My little bubble of relationships and routines exists for me to serve it with compassion, not for me to overlook it because something more interesting is on the horizon.

An Object Lesson

Once someone no longer needs unemployment assistance because they’ve gotten a job, things should be much easier: more money, more independence, more control, more freedom. But DeParle wants to show us just how much harder it gets after welfare.

The Hero We Deserve

The raven knows that the world is no friend to the vulnerable, and so it finds as many ways as it can to diversify its armor, to outwit its prey, and to outlive its enemies.

Binders Full of Men

Finally, I have reached the pinnacle. This is what we have been waiting for for so long. A world without men. A world ruled by women. No longer under the thumb of the patriarchy, we are free to keep our floral soaps by the sink.

Christmas Trauma

But I have not yet figured out how to be happy in a world that is torn apart every day by war and hate, by hunger and sickness, by itself. I’ve learned this semester that being a social worker necessarily means knowing that there is more fallenness in this world than we can bear.

Happy Birthday, Mom

Now that I’m reasonably adult-ish, I’m not so hard on my mother. She still cries at all movies, and she still sings only harmonies, but I tend to stay in the room for these things now.

No Thing

For that split second, I was out there, in nothingness. Nothing above me but air, nothing in front of me but endless expanse, nothing below me but mystery.


Today is Saturday, and though I meant to wake up early and take this run in the morning, life got in the way. Greasy, sloppy life, not thrilling, carpe diem life.

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