Cotter Koopman
Cotter graduated in 2018 in computer science and now works at Bultema Group as a graphic and web designer. He likes good graphs and large dogs. He makes music with friends and alone too.

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[Found Sound]

“Have you ever been praying and all of sudden you wake up and you’re like ‘Oh I fell asleep, I was praying, sorry Jesus.’ A friend of mine said, ‘Don’t fret. That’s falling asleep on the lap of the Father.’ I’m like ‘Ha, yea, alright. Thanks for saying that.’”

On and Off with Andy

We’re getting used to this: the shepherding of my distracted attention back into the air. Sitting off to the side and seeing my traffic go by.

Our Old Pup (and Other Pets)

She waddles so slowly and aimlessly on evening walks that it feels like you’re tricking her into moving forward. I swear her body’s just gotten doughier and wider while her head has stayed the same size.