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Whatever Works

I’m not totally saying those two weeks of my high school AP stats class caused a nationwide erosion of trust in authority and science.

Admit It

At the risk of trivializing everything else, one of the things that scares me most about the president is his refusal to admit to tiny mistakes.

Silver Lining

I’d love to claim any of the righteous reasons I might use to defend the bus: environmentalism, patience, solidarity with my surroundings… but the truth is I just like it better.

Take-Out Evangelism

When a man approached me in the mall food court and sheepishly asked if I had a few minutes to talk about Jesus, I reflexively smiled and said, “Oh, I’m already a Christian!” before realizing I wasn’t completely lying this time.

So Here’s A Recital

This song has always felt so dumb to me even before its Extreme Makeover Bieber Edition. It’s historical fanfiction undercut by that insufferable “pah rum pah pum pum.”

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