First, Grow Up

First, you’ll notice that the world isn’t just orange push-ups and Math Blasters on CD-ROM. Then, you’ll notice that there are people with Flip Glosses, hair straighteners, and boyfriends.

Dulce Domum

But to return to reality, the sweet normality of home becomes sweetest after absence. The familiar is defined by exposure to the foreign and new.

First Frost Wine

Gather the large stock pot (it’s in the basement), a pillowcase from the linen closet, sugar from the pantry, the glass mixing bowl, and a yellow packet of yeast from the refrigerator door.

Out and Back

And I realized these are the first things: not medals or adventures, but the cinch of laces around a foot and reliable slide of mud and bitter perfume of sweat rising like smoke off shoulders.

The Broken Streak

I’ve developed this existential dread of that First Failure, but I can do something about that. I can have as many First Failures as I have Streaks, if I want to.

Economics + Gymnastics = Fantastics

One reason is that we can get insight into human behavior by comparing what people should do in this situation (if they want to maximize winning probability) to what they actually do.

Seeing Things Again

There’s a Dutch phrase about the Dom, my grandpa claims. “See the Cologne Cathedral and you can die.”

If Dog is Real

Isn’t there a certain bit of wonder involved in math when it’s stripped down? Even when solving proofs, the first line is given.