Cry Out

“This is not the way things are supposed to be!” is a very faithful response. Cry out.

The Beast of Eden

People often inquire about others’ favorite books, but to ask about one’s most life-changing suggestion, with the intention of stimulating that ‘butterfly moment,’ well, that is a very intentional inquiry.

Consumers’ Energy

Even digital art or an online article, infinitely reproducible and instantly transmissible, is not timeless nor placeless because it comes from a specific person to an audience.

Fifteen Dresses

Now, in the grand scheme of things, does it actually matter that people know you wore the same dress (gasp!) TWICE in your life?

Finding Pizza Mind

“Seeing Caribbean fruits on European starches makes me uncomfortable” prompts the listener toward empathy while “You are a traitor to pizza!” will only cause them to clam up.

The VeggieTales Effect

I want to get at the heart of your questions by offering some modest but practical advice for cultivating a more omnivorous media diet.