For my last post I thought it would be funny to compile all the errors I’ve made in previous posts. It turns out that I misread an email, so this isn’t actually my last post. I thought about saving this for next month (my actual last post), but I sort of enjoy the meta humor of incorrectly believing this would be my last post and having it be about errors.

In Liner Notes with Tony, Part I: Sometimes People Do Non-Musical Things During Their Music (September 2017):

  • I erroneously refer to the title of the Pearl Jam song “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town” as “Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town.” This is made particularly embarrassing by the fact that I (correctly) quote Eddie Vedder saying the name of the song in the very next sentence. I could have fixed this, but it originates from an email sent to friends (as specified in the preamble of the post), and I wanted to maintain verisimilitude. Sometimes reality is erroneous.
  • I refer to Kesha with the outdated stylized form “Ke$ha.” This, too, is a result of the artistically integrious decision to stick with the source material (which was written only a month before the name change).

In Economics + Gymnastics = Fantastics (November 2017):

  • In the second example (in which Blair can pick a routine after learning what Alex does), I should have clarified: Blair learns which routine Alex does, but does not know the result of Alex’s routine. I don’t know if this is an error per se, but it’s certainly a sin of omission.

In Airing My Dirty Laundry (December 2017):

  • I make the bold claim that I don’t like most poetry. I stand by this claim, but I should clarify. First, most of any kind of art is going to be unlikeable because most people who make things aren’t very good at making things and even people who are good at making things aren’t good at making them every time. But I’ll go beyond that: even a lot of Great poetry isn’t that good. Some is (e.g. Paradise Lost), but some isn’t (e.g. “London, 1802”). This, too, is true of all art forms, but I single out poetry because it too often gets a free pass. I’m not sure why it gets a free pass, though I think it’s because poetry is perceived as an art form for “learned” people who “like fancy stuff,” so people who don’t like a particular poem are reticent to say so for fear of seeming “not learned” and “liking dumb stuff.” In any case: poetry, your reign of terror has ended. I’ll stand against you alone if I must, but I will stand.

In I’ve Been Watching a lot of COPS Lately (April 2018):

  • I say that cops are never kidding, but there’s an entire genre of YouTube videos dedicated to police faking arrests so that the person who is being fake arrested can prank someone and then propose to them (search YouTube for “fake arrest proposal,” and you’ll find a ton of videos). This is a dumb prank and is very much not how I would want to be proposed to and is very much a waste of public resources being spent on our police forces, but it IS cops that are kidding, so I stand corrected.

In Four Days of My Google Search History (September 2018):

  • All the times are an hour off. Google was showing me Eastern time, but I live in the Central time zone.

In What Up Haters? (January 2019):

  • This is more of an update than an error, but for some reason my post My Three Best Jokes and Why They Were So Great has been the most popular post on the post calvin this week, and it has garnered three very hateful comments (including what I believe to be a pun on my last name and the word “ditto”).

In “””Art””” (April 2019):

  • When I say that “my flocking behavior is more accurate than the flocking behavior in [the Processing example] code,” I should specify that it’s more accurate as a simulation of the flocking behavior of starlings. I guess it’s possible that the Processing code wasn’t trying to simulate starlings, and it’s possible that other animals flock differently, in which case they may have a more accurate simulation.

In Things I Think About a Lot Even Though They’re Not Important (May 2019):

  • I saw X2 when I was twelve, not thirteen.

There are no remaining errors. My post calvin corpus is otherwise infallible

And before you try to point out any errors in this post, please note that “integrious” is a word that has appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary, so its inclusion in this post is not a mistake.

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