Common Scents

Cutting open a Bisquick bag will always smell of thin Duke University t-shirts, thoughtful eyebrows, and hour-long explanations of the electoral college.

“Why Did You Wait?”

Of all the regressive, fear-mongering, cynical, hateful, and unethical positions to which the Republican party has hitched its wagon, the vilification of refugees and immigrants is among the most loathsome.

Them’s the Beans

There are also in-game currencies and prizes, but the real celebration is that “Chicken Dinner,” which, I cannot stress enough, bears no resemblance to any kind of meal.

Falling Calendars

To believe in something other than what is materially in front of you is awkward. It likely means that what you expect tomorrow is impossible today.

Social Strata

Though I’ve never defined myself by a job title, I came to the realization that without my previous one, I had little to define myself with at all.