Sometimes, though, I wonder where my personality ends and my OCD begins. Or if they’re distinct at all.

Cheesecakes and IRB Forms

Toward the end of the graduate bible study my wife and I led this past academic year, two things were almost always certain: cheesecakes and IRB forms.

Home Alone

As it turns out, bad habits don’t evaporate just because there’s nobody around to witness them.

May Reading Recommendations

This month, I’d like to highlight a few things I’ve enjoyed reading online over the last couple of months, starting of course, with a piece on the perils of reading and writing online.

I Am Sadness

Sadness drives me toward community in a way joy never has. Sadness bids for honesty, serves as my greatest ally in empathy, checks my anger, and encourages me to look at another side of the story.


I was once told the way that my eyebrows slope down symbolizes wisdom, but it looks like sadness, which might be the same thing.